Entourage and Mail-Where are the messages stored? What's the structure?

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    Can anybody tell me where your emails are kept on your computer, not the server, for entourage and mail? I helped a guy backing up his computer, and made a copy of everything saying entourage in it (that's what he uses) for backup purposes.... but now opening entourage it looks like the first time, with a little email saying how to get stuff set up, and nothing more. I feel REALLY bad about this, but have no idea what to do. I've moved a folder that he has three copies of, in each of his three documents folders (one in his user, two in HD directly), in every combination I can think of, and nothing happens. I did that b/c all the stuff except for the application itself is there, and it's also the only folder with anything relevant that I touched, except the library, perhaps.

    I'd like to switch him to mail, but.... I really want to know where both keep the actual message, or at least how. It's gotta be somewhere.
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    I think I can help

    For Entourage go to:
    Home>Documents>Microsoft User Data>Office X Identities>Main Identity>Database

    For Mail.App go to:

    Good luck.

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