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    is this in the right place? i dont really know or not. well ehre it goes

    I have an Epson cx 5400, one of those all in ones... It works very well, but half the time on high res scans (700 dpi or more) it freezes. I dont know if its a lack of memory or whatever. Besides that, no problems at all.

    My new ibook "doesnt have drivers installed for it" i went to the epson website and its not very specific on what i need to download. Could somebody please help me out? Im not too website savy so a direct link would be even better.. :rolleyes:
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    A little advise in the future, stay away from all-in-ones. Mainly because you HAVE to use the maker's software to scan/print even if there's better 3rd party stuff available.

    That said, Download page from Epson
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    Find your way from that page to the downloads by clicking on Macintosh.

    Download what I've got in the screenshot.


    As lovely as that generalisation is, these all-in-one machines can scan from Photoshop and other applications which will use a Photoshop plug-in.

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