Epson XP-850/XP-800, other brand or laser=low cost ink?

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    My Epson Artisan 810 (PX-810FW) broke and I'm in the market for a new multi-function printer. The Epson XP-850 (6-ink) seems to be the current replacement while the XP-800 (5-ink) appears to have the exact same features except the printer section.

    I'm concerned about ink costs as I found my Artisan 810 to be a little on the expensive side. Cartridges for the XP-800/850 models I find even more expensive than those for my Artisan 810, but then again I know nothing about actual ink consumption for these printers, so it's hard to say.

    I print mostly text and web pages on normal paper, and the occasional quality photo on photo paper. I occasionaly also print directly on CDs/DVDs.
    I hear laser printers are more cost effective, but it'll mean that any photos need to be printed elsewhere and I assume I can't print directly on CDs/DVDs either.
    The final option is look into other brands/models altogether but I have a feeling all inkjets (within the same price range) have correspondingly prices cartridges. As for "compatible" ink cartridges I've read warnings about inferior quality, possible clogging of ink heads etc. but I'm hoping that's just one side of the story, expecting there to be serious aftermarket ink cartridge suppliers as well..
    What are your experiences/suggestions surrounding all of this?
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    I asked a shop that specialises in ink refills and printer repairs, all they said was:

    Avoid Lexmark & Kodak, the rest are pretty even.

    I personally like Canon's sensibilities in design & interface.
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    What I know from the 800 series (owning one myself) is that using 3rd party cartridges might not work. I've read post of people trying it only for the printer not to recognise it.
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    There are no laser printers that can print CDs/DVDs.

    For lower printing costs, you might want to look into something like the Epson Workforce WF-3540. While it does ~1000 pages on the black high-capacity cartridge for $25 (which apparently is less expensive than laser printers), however it doesn't print CDs/DVDs nor will the quality of photos be as great as on the XP-800/850.

    The Canon PIXMA MX922 does everything you want, but the ink per page costs the same as on the XP-850.
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    Home photo printing is so overrated, it hardly gets used. I know there is a small minority of users that get some use out of it but I don't know anyone that has any success with it, they try it a few times then never print glossy again.
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    I like Epson followed by Canon. Just make sure you get one with individual color ink cartridges. Throwing out 30% of your Cyan and Magenta because the Yellow ran out sucks.

    And use the black only setting unless you're actually needing color output.

    I have a WorkForce 645 that Sam's Club had on sale a couple years back for $75. It works great using WiFi only. 2 laptops, an iMac, a mini, iPhone, and iPad all work with it flawlessly.

    I buy Epson ink for it. I've always had trouble with refills. But ymmv.

    If you print enough black only and have the space/budget, get a brother laser

    and a color injet. You just have to remember to print something in color with the inkjet once a week or so to keep the nozzles from clogging.

    If airplay is important, Brother has only recently started supporting it.
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    Ouch. No wonder you're feeling the pain.

    "Ink: 6-color Claria® Hi-Definition dye ink"

    If you like the quality you're getting from the Artisan look at the non-MFC 50 or 1430

    It's not for everybody because of space issues and initial outlay, but the laser for everyday printing and the inkjet for color/photos is the best way long term to spend the least money.
  8. Giuly, Aug 26, 2013
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    The XP-850 also uses six cartridges and costs about the same as the Artisan 50. It also means that you could complement it with a non-MFC laser printer, with are more common anyways.

    On the other hand you have the Workforce WF-3540, which, according to Epson, has printing costs of 40% less than laser printers, but doesn't print great photos.

    -> You'd have to get both to print A) good looking photos and B) low-cost text. Either than, or have the photos printed off-site, "print" your CDs/DVDs with Lightscribe (more precisely, turning the CD/DVD/BluRay around and burning the label with special media and writers, i.e. this one) and go for the Workforce.

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    Look to see if you can find another Artisan 810, 835, or 837 and get either 1. Refillable cartridges or my favorite 2. CISS system (continuous ink supply system)...

    You will no longer be concerned with the price of ink. I recommend, precision colors, or

    If you purchase good quality ink you will be printing equivalent to OEM and paying almost nothing (after startup costs). The sites above all have good, known quality brand ink.

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