Eric Trump Shifted Kids Cancer Money into his Business

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by samcraig, Jun 7, 2017.

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    Thank you for bringing this to our attention by starting a thread about it - I had debated doing so but was waylaid by other stuff.

    Yes, a most interesting and revealing story: Revealing, that is, about Mr Trump, - his mindset, methods, and sheer controlling meanness - rather than Eric, who does seem to have done some good for St Jude's for a few years.
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    Screw you Forbes and your anti-ad-block detection crap.

    Enjoy PRSI:

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    I think you meant to write STEAL.
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    Or veal.
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    St. Jude's is a great hospital and charity, and I commend Eric Trump for successfully raising millions of dollars for them. It sounds like he was doing good things until Donald got involved... but on the bright side at least a lot of money still went to charity. o_O

    If the allegations are true, which it sounds like they are- unless the Trumps can articulate a reasonable explanation, it's quite unfortunate. I'm not sure there is anything technically illegal here- charities sometimes have pay for venues and are allowed to donate their funds to other charities, but it's definitely suspect (particularly the unusually large sums paid to rent the golf course), highlights some significant conflict of interest issues, and demonstrates misleading advertising.

    It's really shameful the amount of sketchy dealings that have been occurring in charities lately- Donald J. Trump Foundation, Eric Trump Foundation, Best Buddies/Tom Brady, Clinton Foundation, etc.

    My parents instilled the importance of philanthropy when raising me. Every year on my birthday since I was 13 I make the decision of what charities I'm going to donate to. I reflect on what causes I want to support for the year and thoroughly research the best option. I might make small donations as they pop up throughout the year, but anything significant or routine giving is determined once a year.

    Celebrity founded charities, seem to have a lot of problems. There are some very good celebrity charities (i.e. Elton Jon AIDS and Michael J. Foxx Foundations- very good) who basically reallocate their money to other charities with negligible overhead- but in many cases I'd rather decide specifically where my money is going, not the celebrity. On the other hand, there are celebrity foundations with absurd overhead and/or little payouts (charities only have to give 5% per year), sometimes as a tax evasion method and generally used to promote their own publicity. There is also an all to frequent problem with these foundations being poorly run/mismanaged and not delivering on their goals.
    Here are some good reads:
    Rolling Stone

    Philanthropy can be a complicated business and unless you have knowledable people running the show, it can easily get messy and/or become ineffective. In many cases the larger charities with competent management seem to do better work and are more stable. But it's always important to keep an eye on what they're doing to ensure you're getting what you're paying for.
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    To be clear - as much as I dislike Trump and his family - I do give credit to Eric and the work he's done with St. Jude. They are a great entity.

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