Estimated cost to repair? Mid 2011 13" MBA randomly hangs - fails AHT

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by SonRK, Oct 21, 2014.

  1. SonRK, Oct 21, 2014
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    Aug 9, 2011

    My MBA would always randomly hang throughout its life. I would google stuff and people would always seem to have the same issue. Since it had an SSD, and well it wouldn't happen THAT often, I never really cared for it and figured it was a software issue or whatever.

    Well after a little over 3 years of ownership, it's starting to occur more frequently. Maybe like once every 1.5 weeks or so. I never turn it off, so it's always going between sleep and non sleep mode. I figured that was the reason I got a laptop with great battery life, and a SSD.

    I decided to run AHT for fun, and it completely froze during an extended test. The trackpad stopped being responsive for an hour so I just hard reset it. It's in the process of running a "normal" test that would take 3 minutes or longer.

    It's been on it for an hour now, but the mouse is responding.

    "Test in progress

    Pass Number: 1
    Total Time Testing: 48 seconds"


    I guess there is something wrong with my hardware, or perhaps all along and it's just finally starting to really fail on me.

    Do crashed results still get logged somewhere? I have never done troubleshooting on my Mac so I am confused on what to do other than to download and run Memtest and make an appointment at the Apple store

    -edit- I am running latest update of Yosemite, but I think OS shouldn't matter if it's doing the Apple Hardware Test and it fails there

    -edit2- The standard test just hanged as well

    -edit2- memtest passed many times, noooo my greatest fears. Must be logicboard related
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    Aug 9, 2011
    Just got done at the Apple Store

    Well it passed all their preliminary tests, and they said they recommend sending it in to the repair center because it could be a logic board issue, for I believe $280? or about that much

    SSD test was successful, and whichever test they did prior to them passed successfully.

    I was told it's that, or a authorized Apple repair spot, but there are none near me. I would have to go out of the way to find one if I am interested.

    Decisions, decisions....

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