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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ssajous, May 12, 2012.

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    I am currently living in France and my wife and I each have an iPhone 4 factory unlocked. We are moving back to the US this summer and are wondering which company we should go do if we want to keep our phones?

    I looked on the ATT site and did not see any option to get a plan there without having to get a phone. T-mobile with iPhone seems to be a PITA, it would not be an issue for me, but since I travel and my wife wants to tech hassle with the phone I would like to get what ever is easiest to manage for her.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Straighttalk carrier from wallmart. $50 a month for everything unlimited!
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    Apr 14, 2011
    An AT&T store can give you a rolling contract for the phones.
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    Straight talk appears to be a good option and if you go are knowingly going in Go Phone doesn't seem to be too bad either. Howard forums has a excellent sub forums section discussing the different carriers.

    Prepaid basically makes sense if you are a friendly light user. Because you have an unlocked GSM phone you're basically stuck to AT&T or one of its MVNOs.

    Of course you can sell those unlocked phones for a nice price and go with Sprint or Verizon. You can actually start out somewhat ahead if you did this.
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    You forgot to mention that Sprint and Verizon 3G for OP who started the thread I would highly recommend Straight Talk....AT&T/Verizon/Sprint/T-Mobile all won't beat the deal by giving you discount on two lines and even they do you will be limited to minutes and no text messages etc n still be paying ~$60+/line. StraightTalk is $45/month and its UNLIMITED TALK, TEXT and ~2.5-3GB/Data/Month! Speeds are comparable to AT&T's HSPA and HSPA+ since it is on AT&T's network. If I were you, and I bought phones subsidized and not out right then I would hold on to my iPhone 4 and wait until Next iPhone comes out in Sept-Oct time and then sign the 2 year point in getting it now especially when its only 4-6months away.

    on the side note....Verizon and Sprint when they do unlock your iPhone in the is useless in USA...the unlock is only functional when you travel outside of USA...which sucks to be honest because that iPhone for its life span within USA is stuck to one carrier. As far as I understand this its because they know their 3G network sucks and people would leave sooner or later to hop on board over at AT&T but this limits them......AT&T activated iPhone's already don't work on Verizon & Sprint so they don't need to do that but at least you can use them on T-Mobile or one of the MVNO's by AT&T or T-Mobile. Also there are tons of GSM regional carriers within USA that people don't usually talk about and they also offer good deals but not better than StraightTalks....

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