EV Nova, Help on Strategy and General Problems

Discussion in 'Games' started by amnesiac1984, Jun 16, 2002.

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    Jun 9, 2002
    hi guys,

    Just started playing EV Nova again in force but I can't seem to get very far on the vellos thread. I started again because i cheated and it screwed me up. Now i got to the stage where i pick up rebel informers and deliver them back to Krane on New England but all of a sudden i became a minor offender in all federation systems.!! Now i can't land in merrol to pick up more missions so basically i'm screwed!! there's nothing i can do and i still can't buy any upgrade cos i'm still a slave but i can't get any missions to do! please help!

    also is it worth downloading the 1.0.1 update as it is another 75mb download?

    feel free to use this thread for any questions on using EV Nova that anyone may have.
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    Remake your game, what ever you do don't let the Vellos take you over. Try and get the missions that have you run supplies for the federation.

    First check which key your communications is.
    Then get to Merrol and click on it.
    Make sure you are not targeting any ships.
    Then hit your communications key.
    A window will come up.
    One option is offer bribe, if it works you can land.
    Have fun.

    I have gotten so far in the game that I can't go any farther without buying the game.
    Maybe I should.
    Post any new ques and I will get back to you.

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