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    At the beginning of the summer I made this post about doing an internship at a
    MRI Lab
    When I started I knew I would be paid after I talked to the doctor but I didn't care about the money. I found out I was going to be paid 11.30 an hour. I was also a student at the Evergreen State College. I am not sure how many of you are aware of this but at Evergreen we write evaluations about our work. My evaluations have been more direct about I have learned in the class rather than what I got out of it. I decided to do that for several reasons. Some of you have remembered, and some of you have asked for a follow up about the experience in the post above. I would not like to share the evaluation I have written. It was an amazing experience I had and the doctor I worked with was wonderful and understanding, we had a conncetion. I would like any critique of the evaluation because I don't know how people look at these things. If you have any thoughts about editing or so let me know too. It is about two pages so I applogize for the length, they are not usually that long but this was very signifigant. -thanks nathan


    This summer I wanted to work in a lab after being in the Science, Cognition, and Consciousness, (SCC) a full-time Evergreen, upper division program, studying cognitive neuroscience over the last year. I am an undergraduate student and completed my junior year last year.

    My summer days were spent mostly in front of the computer and I worked with several programs, in one of the hosptial‘s labs. During the training I observed that I would be working most of the day inside and decided to start taking a multi-vitamin for vitamin D. The dyslexic children in the study first came in to be scanned after being psychologically tested by the Learning Disability Center at the UW. Then after the first set of scans, they went into treatment for two weeks. The final process was to rescan them again, to find if there was any improvement. Many of the children complained of the vast sound of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging, (MRI) machiene even though they were given ear plugs or headphones to use. While there were other problems, many of them could not communicate what was wrong. They would just say I‘m done now. I told the doctor when I was working at Ivymount School, which serves disabled children, I learned that disabled children can have trouble communicating their feelings, and asked if the psychology students who worked more directly with the children tried to find out more about their problems. The Doctor said usually it means the children are clostrifobic.

    The main part of the project I was involved in was backing up the data from the MRI scans that the dyslexic children were participating in for the study. The MRI machieen recorded 1,000 of images, and costs $1,000,000‘s of dollars to operate. It is left on all the time. My part of the project was to process the images and then back it up onto CD, which I did without loosing any data. Then I did an analysis with a program that would show how much motion the children had during the scan. I also worked on analyzing data from the study they collected from a cognitive psychology program, e-prime, that they ran during the experiment. During this process, on my own, I learned that it is very important to keep all the original data on the computer or backed up incase you need to adjust a file. I converted all the e-prime files into Excel and found out data like percentage right, and statistical terms like standard deviation by using formulas I learned from Microsoft Excel.
    Later, I approached the Doctor with an idea to get more detail in his analysis by using SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences). I speculated that you could enter in all the motion from the children, which were devided up into sections during the full scan of the child, and then see which section of the scan had the most levels of motion. Then in the write up of the journal, for example he could get a more clear interpertation of the data. By sayings something like, we ran a multivariate analysis using SPSS to compare all the childrens motion, and found that there was more motion in the beginning of the exam. This may have been due to anxiety that the children had, while entering the vast MRI machiene, and may have affected our initial results. Though we have found as the exam went on the children got better. So I did additional work with SPSS as well, and the Doctor had not done that type of analysis before in his articles.

    I learned over the course of the summer that a lecture given to me in the Approaches to Healing, an alternative medicene course at TESC that there were relationships between mind and body, as Ramachandran observed in “Phantoms of the Brain,” finding that people could feel an arm after it was amputated, for example. Duirng that course I applied some of the nutrition I learned from that quarter into this internship but changed my diet even more now, since I had more money. Then I also drank more water, and with a combination of the multivitamins started to feel a lot better too. People observed changes in skin tone, and I saw that I dealt with stress differently. The most signfigant change was I started to feel more happy, these changes could be why they say if you don’t eat vegatables, vitamins will not do anything. Another observation I had was, I had different reactions to the sun now after I found that lying in the sun for two hours one day made me really tired, but that did not have that effect before, like when I would previously go to the beach. Was it being inside most of the day now without windows, or two much nutrients in the vitamins, like vitamin D?

    I found cooking for the week and going to get groceries along with dealing with everything else in my life challenging initially, however, the time management skills I had learned at Evergreen really helped me. I did yoga on my back since I was sitting all day, and decided to run for exercize. This job has done so much for me; I have now gotten confidence in myself. Some final observations I have now made are, I now understand the difference between scientests and social scientists. Scientists will look at diagrams, do research, or go on the web to understand data first. The social scientist will try and ask someone, say what corner of the building can you see Mount Raineer from? I would now like to return to the Medical Center and work in a lab either with the Doctor or as he suggests, where I can have more interaction with the participants, I think he sees in this both sides of me, the science side, and the social science side that wants to talk and interatct with people. Also as a result of some experiencing in the internship I have come to realize how senstative some of the male doctors are at this hospital. One thing I have learned is I now want to ask questoins when someone says they are having trouble doing something. What has changed in your life? Has anything changed in your diet? Is there anything stressful happening? Out of all the experiences I have gotten through this summer, the highlight of the internship was my being able to go into the MRI. I did not want to ask due to the cost of running the machiene but I was able to be used to see which of the two sets of coiles that go around the head, would work best. The researchers were recieving varing results on adults from both of them.

    Please tell me your thoughts. It was a wonderful but hard summer. -n
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    Acid...Perhaps the Evaluations have changed since I attended Evergreen, but are you not supposed to critique the Teacher also? In this case, it would likely be the doctor and to a lesser degree his/her staff you interacted with.

    I also used to write my evaluations more as a critique of my skills and motivations (both good and bad) than as a synopsis of what I did...(if you understand the difference.)

    I am not knocking you effort(s), I am just curious and/or trying to be helpful...these things remain in your file.

    If you have any questions/comments, feel free to email me...

    (sorry I haven't got back to you on your other email...busy)
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    hey no problem on the email. First I am not. I am solely trying to evaluate my preformance by using emphasis in my work. I didn't interact at all with the psychology students, that was just a comment I had about asking a question, I was trying to apply what I had learned at the school with what the staff were experiencing. The doctor said the children would just repsond by saying I'm done now. I was trying to say why I thought they were responding that way. Is there a way I can make that more clear without making this too long? I think this is what you were refurring to?

    I have showed this to my advisor and she has said it is good. Things have changed a lot at Evergreen since you have been there, but also I choose in my evals to write about my learning experience. What did you write? I see many evals that say "I did not know how demanding taking 20 creidts would be" at the end of the quarter when students are printing out the evals. I felt this would be a better way to analyze what I got out of a class. Actually one thing I don't like is at Evergreen now they say to just write about what you have accomplished, I have tried to bring in challenges and tutors I have worked with say to take them out. I see nothing bad about writing about challenges, people are not perfect. I appreciate your thoughts into the eval.
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    I read your critique with interest. I have a few suggestions. You need to think about what the points are you are trying to make, then figure out how to present the information. For example, you start off talking about light and vitamin D. When I read that, I thought, "This is what he got out of an internship running an MRI machine?" Your bits about nutrition and light, etc, were perhaps an interesting sidelight to the summer, but putting it front and center seems a bit much. I would start off with a strong statement about what specifics you learned (handling data, ways to interpret data) and what you learned about your goals (mixing science and social science). I thought the part about Excel, and SPSS were very good.

    A second point is... your spelling is horrible. Stick it into Word and look at the red underlined words. Read it over and look for ones that aren't underlined (is it "too" or "two"). Some people are better spellers than others, but everyone can produce a document with no spelling errors.
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    The Evergreen State College
    thank you for the comments, about my eval, it is good and I will look at that. I wanted to say about the spelling, it is more an issue of me rather than word, too is a word so "word" would not pick that up. I also spell fenetic, the way things sound and online I also just make more typos because of teh fenetic spelling, sorry but thanks for pointing these things out, the eval is an offical formal document, why it is different from my writing at macruomrs.

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