Everybody but Apple on media center PC bandwagon

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by peter2002, Mar 11, 2003.

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    Aug 1, 2002
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    The only bright spot in the PC biz right now are convergience PCs that allow you to watch and record your favorite TV shows when you want, plus you can easily skip the commercials or other slow points in the programs.

    HP's $1,399 Media Center is leading the way. Gateway ($4,099 PC media system with 42" plasma monitor included), Sony, and even Dell says "watch this space" for their spin. Unlike TiVo, you don't need a subscription, and with DVD burners standard, HD space isn't an issue plus you can view on your TV or anywhere else.

    But at Apple Computer Inc., which uses its own proprietary operating system, executives have decided against marrying TV viewing with personal computing.

    "The idea for a lot of customers to move their PC right next to their television or entertainment center isn't exactly going over well," said Greg Joswiak, Apple's vice president for hardware marketing.

    "When it comes to how these things work in the living room, we have what we think is a better approach, which is not that the computer has to go right next to these devices, but that all these devices should talk to each other."

    HP Media Center fans point out that all a user has to do is plug the cable TV cord into the back of the PC to essentially turn it into a television.


    I imagine this is just a temporary oversight. Apple will probably have their own system by this summer to make it easy to record, burn and watch TV on their Macs. The key thing you need is a video card which has a cable jacks in/out. Most of the major graphics card makers have them for under $200. Plus you need software and preferably a 200GB HD or better.

    Pete :)
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    Apple tried this years ago, and it didn't go over well. Maybe it was like the Newton for them, they got in too early, it didn't work, and they will be reluctant to go back. I can see Rendevous used with AE to make this a reality without having to plug your cable into the Mac though, after all, it's hard to find a 60" monitor to plug your computer into. :D

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    Jan 9, 2002
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    You may be able to record and view TV on your pee-cee, but you can do that with a TV and a VCR too. The Mac allows you to make the video, and put it on the TV. If I want to watch TV, I'm going to watch a television, not my computer.

    If Apple does something that makes the experience more than just watching TV on your computer, I might change my point of view, but the current implementations have no true innovation.

    Besides, I'm not much of a TV person...

    Now, with Rendezvous being able to connect to your stereo and other media devices, there is more room for innovation. If I can display what's on my screen on a TV in another room, that'd be cool, but the current media center pee-cee's don't do that, I don't think...

    This article makes it seem as if Macs are completely incapable of doing anything with media... The author is thick-headed...
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    Dec 14, 2001
    That's what Apple was saying. PC idiots can move their pc setup into the living room and set it up at a desk next to their entertainment system :)rolleyes: ) which is the new style ( :rolleyes: ) Apple seems to think it's better to leave your computer in your office/bedroom and let it 'talk' to the entertainment center. Sounds like Apple is behind on this one, lol.

    Maybe rendezvous has a real purpose?

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