Excellent Apple Service (new 2.5 GHz MBP on its way)

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by ftbps, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. ftbps macrumors member

    Mar 5, 2008
    Hello all Apple Fans,

    I would like to mention some facts and my personal experiences about Apple service. Before I start let me give you my story, if you are interested:

    I moved from PC to MAC in March 2008 when the new mac came out. I purchased it the same date when it was released in March i believe. REV A ofcourse. My home internet had problems and i read some people complaining about airport drop outs. Then I also read about NVDIA display problems and started panicing. Sold it for 400$ less. Then started shopping for cheap PC laptops.

    What a disaster. I returned so many pc laptops, not satisfied with Vista (was able to install XP on it though) but the screen were so bad that I could not tell. I have very bad astigmatism on my eyes, and all the screen are cheap quality and started straining my eyes. Then I made a lot of research and realized that there is none laptop that has a high quality screen as apple.

    1 month back, purchased the same notebook again (old MBP 2.5 GHz). Now I am so happy with that laptop. All the people mentioning mad things and problems about their laptops made me scare. I love apple, and now I believe in them. Everything they make is well thought about. I wish I work for them.

    Now on 14th October when they released the new MBP, I called apple and mentioned them that I am reading bad things on some sited about NVIDIA failures and I think that my laptop also might have a problem. Then the lady said that there is nothing she can do. Next day I called again and discussed with the manager. They are now willing to take my laptop back and give me the new 2.53GHz MPB. My new MBP is on its way and will reach me by 28th Oct.

    Let me tell you something last about the new MBP. Even though i was happy with my last MBP, i went ahead an replaced it with this glossy one. I am sure it is going to be awesome laptop. All the people here on thsi forum are scaring us for no reason. Do not compare the glass MPB with the cheap and dirty screens on other regular PC laptops. Look at Iphone 3G. That things falls down and does not bring a scratch. Shows a lot of reflection only if you are off or extremely dim. But only if you concentrate on it. Here is where apple is going i think:

    1. All Glossy for better protection and being consistent with all their product line
    2. They want to keep something to keep as a secret about the dual graphics when the snow leopard comes out.
    3. Glossy screen is tricky. You can totally ignore the reflection and if you want to see someone else peeping at your stuff, you can change the way you look at it and you will see people behind you.
    4. Glossy scree is so tough, the guy in futreshop demonstrated me by beating on the Imac with great force and nothing happens.

    Now my new MBP is not in my hand yet. But again after reading all the comments, it makes me a bit nervous. But this time I have to be strong. I do not want to be influenced by everybody's thoughts. Remember what Steve said" you just have to trust Apple" I will do that.

    I hope you give me your comments. I will also post my detailed review when I get my laptop.

  2. 4fingered macrumors member

    Aug 13, 2008
    cool to hear they upgraded you're MBP. Did you have to pay for any shipping fees or anything?

    I remember when I first ordered my power mac G5 a few days later they released a revision and updated my G5 to the new revised ones free of charge.
  3. ftbps thread starter macrumors member

    Mar 5, 2008

    Answer: There was a difference in the price of about $100 that i had to pay. Thats all. But My laptops was more than one month with me and as per their policy they are only allowed to do it in 14 days. But they did a favor on me. Cool. Not only that, when they first shipped my laptop a mont back, it got delayed by 2 days and I called Apple. They shipped me a free Laptop backpack as a gift for my 2 days loss. But genuinely, I am returning this to them because I am also returning my earlier laptop. Forgot to mention one thing: I am paying in full for the new MBP and they will refund my old MBP $ 5 days after they receive it from me. I am sending it back tomorrow.
  4. nostalg1a macrumors newbie

    Oct 16, 2008
    This is really good to know. Thanks for sharing. I am going to see the Genius Bar tomorrow and see what they can do for mine. I have a Macbook Pro GeForce 8600M GT and I have been seeing some defects on my screen. It's the LED vertical striping issue. The only thing is that I got mine back in July so that's like 3 months now. I wonder if I will still be able to do the same thing as you did, exchange with a new MBP + cash.
  5. JC0205 macrumors newbie

    Oct 10, 2008
    I actually just purchased the Early 2008 refurb Macbook Pro, it arrived yesterday and was used for a day. I was browsing around this forum more (I'm new to this forum) and actually found out that the nVIDIA GPU is most likely defective?!?!?! :( I was so happy with my purchase but after hearing such news makes me want to refund it right away. I am unwilling to take the risk with such a big investment since I plan to use it for at least 4 yrs. I would rather buy the new models that just came out if this is the case. How were you able to persuade them to let you do an exchange??? I really don't want to pay that 10% restocking fee, this seems really unfair. I will give them a call first thing tomorrow. Any advice would be much appreciated, thank you in advance.

    P.S. Theres no problems with the refurb, so I don't know what to say besides the nVIDIA defects.

    This is my first mac too :mad:.
  6. nostalg1a macrumors newbie

    Oct 16, 2008
    I feel the same way. I would rather get the new one too if that's the case. Now esp that I actually experienced the same problem that users are having.
  7. ftbps thread starter macrumors member

    Mar 5, 2008
    Just call apple and ask them that you want to talk to the manager. Tell him your problem and mention that you have high regards about apple. Tell him you would have never done that if your NVIDIA would not have problems.Tell them to do whatever it takes but try to give you a new laptop instead of repairing. You might hav eto pay some money. see what theu do. Apple is just great
  8. bkeezy macrumors newbie

    Oct 14, 2008
    Chicago, IL

    Not exactly sure what you meant by #2 up there but the new cards are "hybrid sli" they do not support nvidia boost (true sli). The reason these cards will not run in tandem is based on the hardware not the operating system. Even if these cards did support it, if you do some research on SLI youll find that this configuration wouldn't make any sense anyway because the slower 9400 will hinder the speed of the 9600... just so you know, don't count on snow leopard "saving the day" ;)
  9. Teej guy macrumors 6502a

    Aug 6, 2007
    I never, ever want to see people behind me in my laptop screen.

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