Exchange 3G iPhone for a (dead or stuck?) pixel/Best way to go about it?

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    I had to exchange mine the other day because of light leak from the left side, chipped plastic on the right near the chrome bezel, and the battery dying half way through (twice).

    This one is near perfect but there are a few dead/stuck pixels. One right over the SMS icon. It seems like it's white against the black background. I hate to be anal but then I cranked the brightness against a black screen and noticed quite a few dim pixels...

    I know you don't look at an iPhone 3G with a black background at cranked brightness in normal circumstances, but there is one pixel that really stands out and bothers me a little (the other ones are pretty dim)

    I've tried running and gently applying a little of pressure on the screen... but no help

    Do you think they will eventually go away? I'm afraid to swap again because of so many issues I hear and besides the pixel thing, my iPhone 3G is perfect.

    What do you guys think? Also, if I do decide to exchange this iPhone, how should I go about it so that the Genius Bar people don't think I'm a psycho?

    Thanks! I appreciate it
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    iPhone 3G dead pixel issue

    My best advise on your issue is stick with it for now.
    I have had 4 iPhone 3G's in the last four weeks and I have had dead pixel issues with each and every one of them.

    The first one I returned was for that problem exactly - a dead or stuck pixel. The new one I got had more dead pixels and a touch sensitivity problem. The next one was a bubble under the glass and more dead pixels. - Now I am on the fourth one and I still have dead/stuck pixels and I have tried to correct it with every trick I have learned and read about, but fortunately for me the rest of the phone works like a charm.

    I did speak to more than one of the Genius Bar technicians and he told me that is a pretty common problem with the new iPhone 3G screens - he even showed me his personal iPhone with the similar problem. He did tell me that the new screens were not made by the same company that made the original iPhone, which was confirmed with Apple Care when I called them.

    If you do swap it out you will probably have the same issue, and perhaps something else far worse, so if that is the only problem with your iPhone try to overlook it - I know it's hard!

    Good Luck.
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    Post revival?


    Do you really read posts before answering them? thadoggfather was posted 16 Jul 2008, 12:59!!!

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