eXo 3x iPod Case Review

Discussion in 'Product Recommendations/Reviews' started by ebook, Nov 19, 2004.

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    Jun 10, 2004
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    I received my eXo 3x iPod case in the mail today for my 20 gig 4G today and I thought I would post my first impressions. When I went looking for cases I decided that I just wanted the thinnest clear silicone case that I could get. My reason for this was that basically I just wanted some scratch protection. I will be getting a different case for running and that will be more substantial so this case just had to work for setting on my desk and in the car as a scratch guard.

    My first impressions were, "yes, it's pretty thin, but how do I put it on?" Well, you have to slide (not the best word because it is a sticky fit) the iPod through the screen opening to put it on. Before I put it on I also noticed there was no screen protection so I cut a small piece of screen protector for my PDA (that I also use for my digital camera) and put that on the screen. After getting the case basically on you have to kind of push it back and forth to get it to fit snuggly. And, from what I've read you find that it fits better after a couple of days. The case is a little tacky (I can't really describe the feel, but it isn't really slick) so you don't scroll as well as without the case, but really that isn't much of a big deal for me.

    Overall I'm very pleased with the case. I love the scratch protection that it provides and the fact that it doesn't really add any noticable bulk to the iPod. Also, at around $15 shipped it isn't a bad buy.

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