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    There's a wonderful group project that lets anyone who is interested help explore the Earth in a new way. The goal of the nonprofit Degree Confluence Project is to collect photographs and descriptions of 12,000 locations on land where a degree of latitude crosses a degree of longitude. There are 1093 such locations in the United States, for example.

    The word "confluence" means a joining of two streams, or more generally a convergence of multiple trends or activities. In this case, it refers to the land locations where geographic coordinates have zero for the minutes and seconds, meaning that a line of longitude intersects a line of latitude. Some of these locations are in open fields, some in forests, some in swamps, and occasionally in a city. In a sense, it's a random sampling of the surface of our planet.

    Alex Jarrett started the Degree Confluence Project just for fun. Anyone can participate (even Dilberts who rarely leave their Mac and go outdoors) since you don't have to go very far - there are confluence points less than 70 miles away from where you are now in each of the four compass directions.

    Wouldn't it be fun to drive around with a GPS unit and a camera hoping to bag one of these spots?

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