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Apr 9, 2001
My Opinion

I'll say...

1) I'm surprised there are no new Towers.... but they did just update them 6 months ago... in the past time gaps between towers has been much greater... regardless, I'm wondering how good this is though - because the new iMac is an amazing value. Many people will go for it instead of PowerMac towers.

2) iPhoto is insanely fine...

This really may be the killer app for OS X... imho. seriously - go watch the keynote about it if you missed it... it's amazing...

I always hesitate when I see Apple entering into e-commerce sort of sites... but the overal package of iPhoto is excellent.



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Aug 21, 2001
am I the only one that is wondering why anyone would buy a tower now?
yeah the iMac is really swish and nice, but it makes the towers look seriously overpriced and underpowered....
Is apple really only interested in consumer machines?? and free consumer apps?

im a little underwhelmed.....


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Jan 3, 2002
Didn't add up to the Hype™

I don't think they lived up to the hype. I was expecting much more. Though the new iMac is pretty revolutionary. How does the CD-ROM work, I missed that part?

All in All - I give it an okay. I'm glad they are selling a lot of the iPods which is impresive given the price point.



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Oct 28, 2001
Greensboro, NC
you seem to have missed one tiny little detail that alot of people seemed to have missed also.

the new ibook, SIX HOURS of battery life. kthx.


The CEO who Cried Wolf?

Don't believe the hype is what I'll be thinking next time. I'm very let down. I don't think the new iMac will do very well. Too "spacy" for middle America.


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Sep 17, 2001
no towers.

must be planning to just come out with G5 next time. the new iBook is cool. With all the pre-show hype i fell somewhat used. OS X default, iPhoto, and the iMac. What was all the crap about going were no PC had ever gone before.

iMac is nice... i hope it catches on. iBooks looks cool too, i might be able to go in debt for one of those.


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Apr 13, 2001
ummm... tons of hype. no towers? they just made the iMac a killer lamp shade but neglected the towers...

- i like the new iBook...
- iPhoto is pretty cool!
- the new iMac looks lame but they will sell tons cause of the price and what it offers
- i wanted more out of this macworld... oh well ;)


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Jan 4, 2002
I think this is a big disapointment! Apple's new slogan???


Its bad enough Apple can't keep a secret. It's even worse their own web site gave it away just hours before the unveiling. It's really bad that the SECRET was crap!! The overal design is not bad. Its got a lot of features. But come on ITS UGLY!!! And I know your all gonna say the more I look the more it will grow on me... BULL S#w%... It should not have to grow on anything. This thing looks like a fake computer replica you might have seen on an old 50s sci-fi movie. (a bad 50s sci-fi movie). Maybe if Apple would get rid of the boring off-white its using on everything it wouldnt look so bad. Or perhaps they are trying to develope a marketing strategy to sell more G4s!! (which should be G5s). I think it will work. After all nobody in my circle of friends would dare put such a peice in their living room. AND I WORK FOR APPLE!!!!

ok im done... now tell me how much you think im wrong!


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Dec 12, 2001

nobody is going to buy towers anymore, at least I am.

I have a G4 400 and it does all the jobs I have to do very well. OSX is not very fast, so I'll stay on OS9 , untill....

Indeed... untill G5 with 2GHZ+ arrives.

Must happen within half a year, iThink.



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Jan 7, 2002
Chesapeake, VA
I am pleased

even though I don't get the hype. The iMac is definitely improved specs wise, but I am very surprised with the lack of improvement with the tower models. My only guess is that they are waiting until the G5. No temporary G4 bump.

This is not beyond the rumors.


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Dec 4, 2001
the new imac is very impressive for the price.and the design makes me just want to keep looking at it.
iphoto looks absolutely amazing.
finally the day for os X is here.
i don't think apple is going to be a one computer company though.
if not later today , or within the next month, tokyo show, i'd bet on them releasing new towers, superfast g4 or hopefully g5.
my two bits


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Nov 4, 2001
Kent, UK
compared to the entry-level powermac, the high-end iMac is incredible value! Just $100 more than the powermac, and you get the superdrive, an extra 128 MB ram, pro speakers... who's going to be getting a powermac now?


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Jun 5, 2001
Miami Beach
As a industrial designer i expected a G5 and way more power in the big towers. The iMac is very pretty and fast as cheap for the middle and low end consumer. However i am sad that Apple didn't upgrated their pro section. Come one. By all love. I don't need a 15" flat screen. I need a 22" and working monster that powers it. A 32MB graphic card. Well. How nice for normal consumer.

Sorry for saying but this macworld was just for the generic crowd they use their copmputers at home for sending small pictures and movies to the friends.

Still. Apple rocks!


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Oct 18, 2001
you are crazy!!!! the new imac ROCKS!!! it is so new and super that it will once again change the industry....I AM surprised as to why no new towers....why would you buy a G4tower now..?...but APPLE rocks and I love the NEW imac!!!


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Jan 7, 2002

I know what you mean about the towers. I look at the iMac and think "woah, now why have I been into towers for so long!" Look at it! It marvelous! It's everything that we want to see from a personal computer!

Anyway, back on topic, Pants the iMac is great! We both know that. What sets the iMac from the Power Mac is expandabillity (I know spelling isn't my strongpoint). PCI won't go into that 10.6 hemisphere since everything else is cramed into it. And you can't put 1.5 gigs of memory in it, or 4 or more harddrives. Or dual processors like the dual 800.

But all in all, who else is saving up and taking the leap?



Originally posted by SomeAppleGuy
But come on ITS UGLY!!! And I know your all gonna say the more I look the more it will grow on me... BULL S#w%... It should not have to grow on anything. This thing looks like a fake computer replica you might have seen on an old 50s sci-fi movie. (a bad 50s sci-fi movie).
you know this is what they said about the old iMac too... turned out not to be true luckily...


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Oct 19, 2001
it'll be alright

This new deal with the iMac is absolutely incredible. You heard was Jobs said, the equivalent of the high end configuration costed over $4,000 yesterday. With deals like this, the new towers are going to be absolutely incredible, and well worth the wait. I'm sure that Apple will, the next chance it gets, update the Powermac line to the Apollos, and, if we're lucky, the G5. They'll certainly have something before the high-end iMac ships in March.
Just a few more months of rumor-frenzy to go!


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Jan 1, 2002
Yep. I don't know how to react. I like the iMac's specs, I love iPhoto, but the hype was wrong. This is not such a big deal. Yes, it is a vast improvement over other things, but come on, this should've been possible a long time ago. How long before that swivel arm gets weak and sags? I am usually a very optimistic guy, but they screwed the pooch here. What about the press release about a new device that was NOT a Mac? Sorry, I guess I need some time to get things back into perspective.



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Aug 21, 2001
Originally posted by arn
I guess everyone will ge psyched for <- MacWorld Tokyo (Mar 2002)

no they wont - after two major let downs, im giving up on apple (sadly). The hype just doesnt seem to live up to expectation - its one thing when we invent the hype, but when apple promote it? Thats not on......

Teh iMac is nice - except for the cheap graphics card ( a geforce 2 MX is not exactly a quake monster eh? :) )As for the iBook? I actually bought one because of the small size, so the larger screen is no great shakes in my book - the battery is more important, but , really in total, I'm wondering if apple is serious about us tower users....

[Edited by Pants on 01-07-2002 at 03:01 PM]


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Nov 22, 2001
For me it was a big let down! The only thing I really interested in was the new towers. I am not prepared to wait for example till march for an imac with a superdrive, or feb for a combo! Todays Towers are expensive for what they are, so what do you do if you need a desktop now???? Apple has a problem there I think!


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Oct 23, 2001
hey well ..

i was also expecting and hoping for faster towers ... but what the heck ... if you check the new price structure, you'll notice (almost printed in bold letters) that the new towers are due to appear next round ... maybe even new cases

the low-end and middle g4 are now pretty overpriced, compared to the new imac, which has amazing hardware specs for that price ... they really want to sell this baby, let's hope it does not "cube"

for the hardware alone i would consider buying that thing, but a XGA lcd is not enough for me ...

let's see how the finish looks in real life ...


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Oct 28, 2001
Greensboro, NC
i thought it was a GB RAM maximum??? im at the apple store and it only lets me configure it for 768MB RAM. hmmmm.

and the superdrive is in january goodlistenerman.
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