Exporting all photos from library


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Jun 27, 2013

I have a 100GB library and I would like to export it properly to reimport into a master library.

Are the steps the following?
- Go to Photos on the left pane
- Select all pictures/videos on the right pane
- File export, all originals not modified (since I never really modified them unless I used the black and white filter or the magic wand)
- and select export IPTC XMP

Exporting the following and then opening the master library and importing the folder should do the job?



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Jul 8, 2014
You can do that. Will take time unless you’re on a quick Mac.

Or, I’m pretty sure any number of image browsers can view a Photos library and maintain the structure. Simply drag the images (or maybe folders) in the library to another folder/drive.

I used to use Lyn and Graphic Converter. Both could view any of the Apple image libraries.