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Jun 6, 2009
York, UK
Hi all,

Anyone experienced spotlight indexing (just fine) but after a short period of time, seemingly rolling back the index and say 250 folders where pulling in a search, its now only pulling 2 folders?

Setup: M2 MacMini 512GB HD with 16GB ram with Samsung 870 QVO 4 TB SATA (also tried with a WD black SN850X M.2 4TB) with similar results in loss of indexing. 15 clients connecting into file shares via SMB.

Files/folders were moved from a 2014 MacMini server HFS file system to AFPS.

Apple have, well, just given up and keep asking me to perform the same tasks time and time again after been bounced from person to person. Seriously considering binning this Mac as a file share machine (which is a shame as they are more than capable) but after nearly 2 months I'm nowhere.

Any help is appreciated and I have already tried every single thing I can find on here to do with indexing. Its the weirdest issue I've ever seen.
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