External Hard drive not powering up anymore.. enclosure or drive busted?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Borjan, May 8, 2008.

  1. Borjan macrumors regular

    Sep 28, 2004
    Hi there.

    Basically, I have an external SATA harddrive enclosure, housing my 160GB media drive.

    Now, I have looked at it today, and whilst power seems to be going to the enclosure (green light is on), I can't hear the drive spin.

    Obviously, nothing is reported when I connect it to by iBook.

    Now... something has gone wrong. But is it more likely to be the drive suddenly and randomly dying, or is it the enclosure? Perhaps I made this up, but would connecting an empty external enclosure (powered on of course) cause anything to show up in the System Profiler?

    Because I get nothing...

    Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. Borjan thread starter macrumors regular

    Sep 28, 2004

    I appear to have made it work.. somehow.

    Its just started working again, not sure why. Bit scary really. I opened it all up, took it apart to see if anything was wrong, but couldn't see anything. Put it back together again and hey presto. My drive is back.

    But still... dodgy drive or dodgy enclosure?

    Is one of those cheapy chinese ones off ebay.. so I'm leaning towards the latter...
  3. bigjnyc macrumors 603


    Apr 10, 2008
  4. merl1n macrumors 65816


    Mar 30, 2008
    New Jersey, USA
    It sounds like the bridge connector card in the enclosure is going on the fritz intermittently.

    I would take the drive out and get another enclosure. You can find relative inexpensive enclosures at OWC (eshop.macsales.com).
  5. steeler macrumors regular

    Jan 30, 2008
    You can also find some nice enclosures at newegg.com

    I love OWC too though.

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