Extracting winmail.dat files in Mail.app

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    Link: Extracting winmail.dat files in Mail.app
    Description:: Apple has updated its technote on dealing with winmail.dat files. It advises you to ask senders nicely to change the settings in their Microsoft mail clients. Fortunately more immediate help is at hand. OMiC is a plugin that can extract the files from a winmal.dat attachment on the fly and it's recently got a lot smarter.

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    I've been using TNEF's Enough to deal with winmail.dat files for years. OMiC looks like another good alternative for people switching from Outlook to Mail.app; something like this for Entourage would also be quite welcomed.

    Outlook, like almost all Microsoft products, is like a Roach Motel for your data: it checks in, but it can't check out! Thankfully tools like OMiC, TNEF's Enough, and Paul Berkowitz's amazing AppleScripts for Outlook/Entourage conversions are a huge help.
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    I've been looking for something like this for a while except for Entourage. Which begs the question... WHY doesn't Entourage handle winmail.dat files natively?? You would think that Microsoft's email apps - regardless of platform - would be able to send email to each other without relying on a third party solution to deal with "rich text" or whatever winmail.dat files are.
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    OMiC Apple Mail plug-in

    OMiC latest to date version only works for Panther or Tiger. Never updated for Leopard.

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