Exxon Profit $10.7 BILLION this first quarter

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by Rt&Dzine, Apr 28, 2011.

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    How long they do well depends on the length of their contracts at prices below those of today. They may be paying only $80 or $90 for oil that others might be buying at spot. They may well have a problem if for some reason oil prices fall below their contracted price, then paying above-market prices for oil.

    But Exxon, with its tiny amount of control of the world supply of oil, is making nowhere near the money of the oil-exporting nations. The total control by all oil companies together of world oil is around ten percent.

    The Saudis profit the most, with a production cost of around $3 to $4 per barrel. That's up from 17¢ in 1981. Anyhow, round numbers, a billion bucks profit every three days. Buys lots of Rolls Royces...
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    ExxonMobil's CEO was only paid $21.5 million last year. Hopefully this year should be better.

    This is from a link provided by mcrain. Seems appropriate for this thread.

    Picture 4.jpg
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    As an Exxon stockholder I'm laughing daily. Woohoo capitalism.
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    until you fill your tank once, and whoops! there goes the profit earnings for this year.
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    Where I live I pay $9.96 per gallon of regular 95 octane fuel and $7.92 per gallon of diesel.

    I envy you Americans. Stop complaining.
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    Yes, some of us are rather shortsighted and self absorbed.
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    I've almost made 200% on my Exxon trade since October. I bought some Jan 13 60 Calls when XOM was at $63. :D I'm also up over 200% on my silver trade since Jan.

    When people see their poor lot and then see others who are doing quite well, it's natural to feel anger, but I believe it is misplaced. My only position on this board lately has been that QE and government monetary policy is punishing the poor and middle class. If the government actually did what I advocate, cutting spending and taxes drastically(80%+), I would have to look elsewhere to make money because oil and silver would not be moving like they have been. Please connect the high gas prices to the metric by which it is measured, the dollar.

    If you view gas prices in pre-1965 coins made with silver, then gas is less than 10 cents per gallon- historic lows. Or if you're more of an in-the-box thinker, just compare gas prices in dollars with gas prices in a strong currency like the Aussie or Canadian dollars. There's nothing unusual happening with gas prices, the problem is with the value of the dollar.
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    That's odd. My attachment doesn't show in my post above, but the link to it shows in the "reply" view.
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    Ah another silver trader. Insanely nice commodity to invest in, better than gold in my opinion (I believe gold will crunch soon, while silver will stay high).

    I do, however, disagree with you that it is "natural" to feel anger when you see some people fail and some people do well. That is a notion that has been forced upon the masses by pc advocators. When I see someone do well I feel truly happy for them, even if it is over the back of lesser men. I'm never afraid to say I've made quite a bit of money while causing some people to lose their livelihood. That's business, ice cold, and I'm honestly proud of it.

    "You are without morale!" You'd say. What is morale then? In my opinion egoism and achievement are morality.

    I teach this to the business students I have in my classes. I do end up in conflicts with "ethics" professors on regular occasions though ;).
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    Mar 22, 2010

    I don't feel anger over somebody doing well.

    But in another thread, you argued that it was unfair that money made off your trading was considered capital gains and subject to taxes.

    When people see their poor lot and then see others who are doing quite well complain about having to pay taxes, it's natural to feel anger.
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    oh noes!!! PROFIT???

    Now, for some more interesting tidbits:

    That's a 7% profit margin. Now that doesn't sound too bad, right?

    Now let's look at some other industries profit margins(I know the source is a few years dated, this is the best I could find at the moment)... Other industries averaging about a 7% profit margin:

    Food Service
    Industrial Machinery
    Food Consumer Products

    In summary: :rolleyes:

    EDIt: I forgot, big bad "Throw grandma in the snow" Paul Ryan supports ending oil "subsidies". What a total jerk.
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    Mar 22, 2010
    There's absolutely nothing wrong with profits either.

    But I do wonder ... how much tax did Exxon pay on those profits?

    Hopefully something.
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    But statistics are far more effective taken completely with no context! omg huge number!

    I kid, I kid.

    Either way, they still do better than a lot of industries.
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    I just can't wait until Apple finally passes Exxon Mobile in market cap. I can just hope.
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    It's worth noting that the governments, both state and federal, make more money off of the sale of gasoline than an oil company like Exxon does in profit. And Exxon has to do all the work. :D

    I hope that answers your question. :)
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    Actually, it doesn't. Where does Exxon get this $59 billion number? I can guarantee you they are adding up every tax the company pays including sales tax on purchases, payroll taxes etc. What I want to know is what they paid in federal corporate income tax.
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  19. dime21, Apr 30, 2011
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    And how many $Billions of record profit did your beloved Apple post this past quarter? Can we bash Apple too, and that greedy robber barron Steve Jobs who is evil because he makes so much money by charging high prices for products that people want to buy?

    Do a little homework and you'll see that the vast majority of Exxon's profits are from foreign sales and NOT from domestic gasoline.

    As for gas prices at the pump... you can thank Barry for the "change". But don't worry, the $Trillions in new cash that he's printing to pay for the record crushing debt he's plunged this country into will cause inflation and price increases the likes of which we haven't seen in decades.

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    Yes, the I'm-all-right-Jack syndrome. :rolleyes:
  22. Bill McEnaney, Apr 30, 2011
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    When did a tax break become a subsidy?

    The national debt skyrockets, the U.S. Mint prints more money to pay that debt, the new money devalues the dollar, and then the price of crude oil rises, too, because the dollar devalued. The more the value of the dollar plummets, the more dollars I need to spend. If the demand for foreign oil decreases, the price of foreign oil will do that, too. But President Obama won't let American oil companies drill in American waters when he's happy to let Brazil do that. Why? Maybe he's trying to redistribute wealth. Whatever he's doing, how much money does an oil company swim in with a profit margin of about 8%? As Beck would ask, Why don't the liberals complain when Apple's profit margin is about 41%

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    Interesting when you look at it historically and adjusted for inflation. Seems the general, and slow, trend is that gas prices are rising, but not as horrifically as people would like us to think. It's also not surprising, considering its a finite resource.
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    Where did these graphs come from. I sure didn't see gas at $1.60 a gallon. I think the lowest it got for me was around $3.

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    So. You're blaming Obama for gas prices, and the debt, and the economy? Do you think I can nail him for the big cavity I have in my molar? :rolleyes:

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