EyeTV gets 2.3.3 update; more iPod/iTunes integration

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    Link: EyeTV gets 2.3.3 update; more iPod/iTunes integration
    Description:: In our opinion, there wasn’t much room for improvement with Elgato’s EyeTV software, but today the company managed to prove us wrong by releasing version 2.3.3. Despite being a “x.x.x” release, there are actually a couple major improvements packed into this update. Chief among them are improved iPod export compression options, and the ability for EyeTV to include the Metadata received fromt he online program guide into the iPod exports, saving you much time and trouble manually entering the information. Exported shows are also now correctly labeled as TV SHOWS instead of movies when brough into iTunes.

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    I've said this before, but this is the one piece front row is missing. Apple can buy a company to get a small feature that can be useful for their pro users, why can't Apple do the same for their consumers? Elgato's excellent hardware is an added bonus.
  3. mkrishnan Moderator emeritus


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    Yeah, I'm very happy with my DVR, but I've been très impressed by Elgato's level of effort in improving this software and integrating it into Apple's scheme for media center activity, even before Apple has fully explained just what that scheme is!
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    Sounds good! I have always wanted to pick up an Elgato, and now it looks like my (post)Christmas present to myself is going to be the EyeTV250. Time to start importing ALL those old vhs tapes!
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    Jul 2, 2006
    Apple can't/won't create (or buy) somehting like this because there is no generaic TV standard. Just look at the Elgato lineup and all the fun and games of what will/will not work in each country and it is clear why Apple want to stay well clear of the whole mess.

    With Front Row becomming "part of the full package" in Leopard, I have noo doubt that Elgato will more tightly intigrate their software with Front Row.

    As for Apple - they want to push the purchase/download/stream model with iPods and iTV (which will also come in a Windows flavor no doubt - their strategy doesn't really make much sense if they tie it to OS X only - iTV is clearly an iTunes/iPod companion product). Giving people the option to record TV "out of the box" and into a DMR-free format is complelty in oposition to their business plans as indicated in their current (and announced) product lineup.

    Manwhile I will continue to use my USB DTV receiver and EyeTV and not miss what Apple is never going to give us.
  6. russellelly macrumors regular

    Jun 23, 2006
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    I've downloaded the latest upgrade and still really can't see why so many people are fans of this software. There are a few things that would transform it, firstly a view of the elecrtonic program guide in full screen mode, and an atuomatic search and record function for programmes, using some sort of boolean search value.

    Unless I'm missing the obvious and this can be done?
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    iTS exists to sell iPods. Perhaps soon it will exist to sell iTVs. But it does not exist to make money itself.

    Now there may be reasons Apple doesn't offer a DVR solution. Perhaps their agreements with content providers precludes it. Perhaps they don't want to worry about various formats around the globe. Maybe they don't do it yet, but will soon.

    But cannabalizing iTS sales isn't a big deal. The best guess is they barely break even on iTS.

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