F/S: SmartDisk FireLite 80GB FireWire External HD

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    Oct 4, 2003
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    I'm selling this external hard drive i used before i got my new computer and needed more space for a backup drive.

    It is a SmartDisk FireLite 80GB drive (FireWire model). (http://www.smartdisk.com/eWeb/smartdiskus/www/staticpages/FireLiteSpecs.asp)

    It's a great, small, and ultra-portable drive that i have used as a backup drive for about a year. There are some pics below (Sorry for the low-res images, i left my digital camera at home over Thanksgiving break and won't have it again until mid-December)

    I'll only be including the firewire cable and the external hard drive (just not the documentation, original box, or software...none of which you need...just plug it in and go!)

    It doesn't require a power cord...it is fully powered by the FireWire port on your Mac.

    Shot of the back:

    Next to a regular blank DVD media spindle:

    Exactly what you'll receive:

    Asking $110 shipped to US. (Will ship to other countries if you pay the shipping!)

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