iPhone XS Max Face ID Issue / Not Available


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Sep 15, 2016
Berlin, Germany
my Face ID randomly stopped working yesterday afternoon. First it would not recognize me at all. Then i deleted the saved Face ID and tried to set it up again but I got a error message saying „Face ID not available. Please try again later“ or something like this.

After a reboot and setting it up again, it would work for like 2 minutes before failing again with the same error message. I rebooted once more and it’s been finally working again since. Still wonder what might have happened

You think there might be a defect with my device or a software bug?


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Jul 1, 2008
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Either way, get a replacement. I haven’t heard of any other issues with Face ID on iOS 12, but even if others were having the same issue, the fact that you got it to work for a minute means you just need to get a new phone.


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Nov 6, 2014
What device? Apple is going to make you do a restore on iTunes. If that doesn’t work, they’ll replace it for you.


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Jul 29, 2013
I would back it up and do a Reset all settings but I doubt it works. That sounds like a hardware issue and I would be going for a new phone. I have the Xs Max and it works perfectly and so should yours.



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Oct 18, 2011
Apple iPhone World
This sounds like hardware issue, if you are still within your 14 day return period (depending on when you got it), i'd get a refund and purchase a new one. If it's past 14 days, then set a genius bar appointment and have Apple take a look. So far I have not encountered this issue on my XS Max.
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