Facebook contacts syncing with iPhone and Mac

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by petrucci666, Feb 22, 2012.

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    Apr 30, 2009
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    So, in the Facebook iPhone app, I synced the contacts with my Address Book, thinking that it would only download the Facebook profile photos for my contacts that I already have in the phone.

    Instead, all of my Facebook contacts were added to my Address Book on both my iPhone and Mac, which I don't want. I'm getting stupid notifications for people's birthdays, people that I don't really know or care about.

    My iCal is stuffed and my phonebook all of a sudden has a thousand people with only the link to their Facebook profile, no phone number, no email or anything useful.

    How do I get rid of these without erasing my complete Address Book?
  2. WestC07 macrumors newbie

    Apr 7, 2011
    I was actually trying to get my phone to do what yours has apparently done in error and could not figure out how.

    I just switched from Android to iPhone. On Android, all of your facebook contacts are synced to your contact list in your phone. Apparently with the iphone, it only syncs with the numbers you currently have stored.

    I did the facebook app/friends/sync contacts & pictures, but it didn't budge so I guess I'll just stick with my 10 contacts I actually know the numbers for.

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