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Nov 5, 2011
Before this thread gets moved I am NOT talking about the Facebook APP. I am referring to the mobile formatted site in Safari.

When I open any photo with tags, the tags now automatically appear, covering everyone's faces. Before you had to click on the the picture to bring up the tags as their only purpose is to see who somebody is. They are not supposed to appear by default, as they completely cover up the entire photo. What is causing this bug?
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Oct 18, 2012
Facebook's mobile formatting sucks. I hate to say it, but the app is better for Facebook surfing.


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Feb 2, 2009
How can I get them to fix it?

Find a place on Facebook to contact someone. I don't work for Facebook. So I can't really tell you any more than that. Still, I would assume there would be a way to contact someone.

Or wait for the next update and hope it's fixed.
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