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    Yet another update to iGift4u, the must have for Facebook and Twitter users!
    Now in a single application you can find over 6000 Quotes, over 500 gifts, YouTube videos, your pictures and share each of them on either Facebook or Twitter or both with one click! Let us know what do you think!
    Wish "Happy Thanksgiving" with iGift4u!

    Tired of paying each individual application, one version for Facebook and one for Twitter, and wasting a lot of space on your iPhone/iPod Touch screen? Do you want unique features that you can't find anywhere else in the App Store? Do you want to update both Facebook and Twitter in single click, with a single app? Get iGift4u!

    UPDATE YOUR FACEBOOK and/or TWITTER STATUS with multimedia content. This includes:
    - Your pictures taken with the iPhone; ONLY with iGift4u you can also see how many people actually VIEWED your pictures by clicking on your post
    - Video from YouTube (search and preview embedded in the app)
    - Over 25,000 quotes (yes, the biggest collection on the App Store!) to look smarter
    - Emoticons from the included Collection to visually describe your mood
    - Fashion and Jewelry collections from the best designers to look fancier and trendy: Swiss Affaire, Sabina Les, Henrieta Duffner, Maya Meirav, Bohemian Babe, Sandrine Tessier and much more!
    - Stunning pictures from the Collection related to any moment of the day
    - Video recorded with the iPhone 3GS and uploaded to YouTube
    - Pictures from your Album
    - Drawings created and/or modified with other iPhone apps

    - Over 500 FREE virtual gifts (iGifts) for any occasion: Birthday, Love, Wedding, Christmas, Celebration and much more!
    - Your own "Happy Birthday" video posted on YouTube
    - Kisses and Flowers to show your love to special people in your life
    - Music videos from YouTube to sing together
    - Postcard-picture from the place you are
    - Drinks and Food to invite people out in a more creative and colorful way
    - Balloons to celebrate any happy occasion
    - Your pictures from the iPhone Camera or the Album

    Email sending option is available for private messages too.

    Get iGift4u to change the way you communicate on Facebook, Twitter or email. Why buying multiple applications when you can get a single one combining them and doing so much more for you?

    "I think iGift4u is a very useful tool and it makes Facebook more personal. Thanks to the maker ;-)"

    "This app rocks! Definitely a need for my iPhone!"

    Rated BEST by iPhone Application List

    Worldwide success amongst Social Networking apps:
    #30 in US
    #2 in Italy
    #15 in France
    #30 in UK
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