FaceID Failing


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Oct 5, 2003
FaceID appears to be failing on iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, etc. I would like to know who has experienced this problem and what iPhone model and version did you have? At first I had one friend experience this with an iPhone X. He never dropped his phone or submerged it in water, and always kept a case on the phone. While trying to sort out this issue, Apple basically told him that this is a “rare” problem, and that all they could do for him is offer him the trade in value to a new phone. Today this happend to my brother on his +1 year old iPhone XS Max, and again Apple just offered him trade in value toward a new phone. I am starting to wonder how rare this issue is, and I find it weird for a non moving part. So again, if you have had this issue, please tell me the iPhone model and version you have/had.

in my examples, the problems were with

iPhone X - ATT (aka intel Baseband)
iPhone XS Max - Sim Free (aka unlocked)