FACT: Most companies & the FDA don't care about your health.

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    1) California's Proposition 37, a bill that would force companies to place a GMO label on their products if they contain genetically modified ingredients, was not passed into law because the big agricultural companies spent MILLIONS of dollars on advertising to get people to say no to Prop. 37. Their ad campaigns overinflated the cost of labeling, and they listed foods that would be exempt. Here's the thing. The cost of labelling is probably about 10% of what they said, and under the state Constitution, ballot initiatives can only cover 1 topic. So they had to allow some exceptions to the bill, one of them being genetically-modified animals, which I believe are rare, if they exist.
    2) A doctor in Texas, Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, created a wonderful drug to cure cancer. Unfortunately, because the big pharmaceutical companies have placed the FDA on a leash with big paychecks, he can't sell the drug outside Texas.
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    Yeap. It works like that.
    They create the crops they can sell, those crops just last one season and are you will need to buy the seeds again, and that is to say the least.

    I am from Venezuela, and the food in Venezuela make you feel different, more aware and healthy. Why? because there people do not spend so much in additives and cows are grown in the natural way. I assume in other countries is the same thing.
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    Hardly fact. Speculation and misinformation.

    Hope you feel better having posted this, cause I know you hate big Ag and big Pharm as you have been instructed to do by your Party.

    Your cancer cure...

    'There is a scientific consensus that antineoplaston therapy is unproven and of little promise in treating cancer. Clinical trials initiated in 1993 and sponsored by the National Cancer Institute were closed due to inability to recruit qualifying patients, and a Mayo Clinic study found no benefit from antineoplaston treatment.[1] Some sixty phase 2 clinical trials and one Phase 3 trial have been registered by Burzynski since the mid-1990s, but no results have been published. The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center has stated: "Bottom Line: There is no clear evidence to support the anticancer effects of antineoplastons in humans."[1]'

    Clearly these institutions are all in the pocket of the pharmaceutical companies and trying to keep their treatments and drugs on the market instead of the miracle cure from Dr Quack in Texas.
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    Not that I agree with all of the FDA's decisions - I think they're too conservative in approving some drugs and devices - but do you have any evidence to back up your statement? All drugs have to go through clinical trials to prove efficacy and safety, and Dr. B's "antineoplastons" haven't passed muster. Claiming that a cancer drug is effective because a patient lived longer than their doctor predicted they would doesn't count for much.
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    The two examples are not analogous. I agree with you that certain Agribusiness political activities are perfect examples of why corporations should not be allowed to have enormous political power.

    The second example, Burzynski, is the subject of numerous entries in the "Quackometer" website:


    That should tell you something. In any case, the FDA is under constant pressure to approve drugs. Some of those drugs may in fact help some people. On the other hand, they may harm others.


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    As someone who lives in Europe where GM food is essentially unavailable due to protests I think it's fairly safe to say the whole anti-GM thing is a bit overdone.


    Which party is that? The green party?
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    1. Unless you can accurately articulate exactly what the danger in GMO produce is, then you're nothing more than a mindless parrot that repeats everything he/she hears at "Whole Foods". This is no better than the Fruit-loops who say that vaccines cause autism.

    2. Don't ever believe anyone who claims to have a "cure for cancer", because Cancer isn't a singular disease that can be cured by one drug. There are so many different forms of cancer, affecting just about every single body part and compartment. You can't treat Leukemia the same way you treat breast cancer, and you can't treat basal cell carcinoma the same way you treat recal cell carcinoma. It's foolish to think that a single drug could be a "Cure for cancer".

    I think you need to educate yourself just a little bit about these topics. You seem quick to reach for the tin-foil.
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    This thread needs to be wastelanded- no link or reliable source.
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    I think I know just the thing to seal the fate of this thread -
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    All very true- the first thing I say to my doctor if I don't feel right is, "No ****ing pills unless 100% necessary." For most things, there is usually an alternative. But the alternatives require work.

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