Factory reset time - but what about old messages?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by kmpowell, Oct 8, 2013.

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    When I received my new 5S I did the usual 'restore from back-up' as I have done with all my other upgraded devices in the past 1stgen>3G>3GS>4>4S>5S. With that in mind my current 'back-up' technically dates back to my old 3G, so it must contain lots of unneeded legacy information.

    The more I use my 5S, the more I'm convinced I should restore to factory fresh to ensure it's as quick as possible and not laggy... all the phone's settings I'll happily lose (WiFi networks etc etc), at the end of each year I import my whole camera roll into iPhoto and create a "Camera Roll 201x" event which is then re-synced back to the phone (and I delete the camer aroll contents), so I'll happily lose anything on the camera roll as I can do the import early. I can re-sync my apps and contacts. However, the only thing left is my 'messages' (SMS, MMS, iMessage), which I really don't want to lose for sentimental reasons.

    So my question... is there any way I can export all my messages from my iPhone into a file onto my iMac, restore the phone to factory, sync all my apps/photos/contacts as new, then import my old messages back to the phone?

    Hopefully my ramblings make sense

    Thanks in advance.
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    I believe you can find your iPhone messages database in an iTunes backup when you plug your phone into the computer. Not sure where exactly. Give it a Google.


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