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Discussion in 'Distributed Computing' started by firewire2001, Jul 3, 2002.

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    hey there...

    im not really trying to get myslef flamed or anything.. but i dont know how many of you guys really know much about folding -- or proteomics for that matter.. but unfolding proteins isnt too useful despite what some ppl say -- it seems you are misguided... i mean, dont get me wrong, i do folding cause it may have a good application in the future and does have some use when creating inhibitors that will react with the proteins to block them (preventing diseases).. but there are much better and faster methods to find characteristics about proteins to create inhibitors...

    if you didnt already know.. proteins are in yer blood and are responsible for carrying out actions -- a LOT more responsible for actions that cells do than DNA does... so an inhibitor can techinically block a certain protein from working therefore preventing diseases or whatever -- or essentially killing them..

    so back to my other point -- alls folding does it tell you about the structures of a protein which is kinda useless because there is no application for that knowledge.. and what has been bugging me is how everyone says how useful it is.. when in reality it isnt totally usefull... but id much rather do this sort of thing than seti...
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    Mar 2, 2002
    You've hit a new low, firewire. This time, instead of posting a new thread for a reply, you posted a new thread twice! You must feel very proud! :D

    I'm still keeping a close eye on you! :rolleyes:

    I took biology a while ago and I do remember that there are protiens on human cells, along with receptors on those protiens, that intercept nutrition from the bloodstream. Just some pointless information.

    And the opposite of an inhibitor is a catalyst! :D
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    If it's all so pointless, why use your CPU cycles? :confused:

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