Failure to pivot on anti-poverty? Trump out of the loop?

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    Well that about does it. Hillary Clinton and Paul Ryan on the same page already on a bipartisan bill for next term, to try to boost white and black alike out of poverty.

    And where is Trump on this? “Gnawing at a shorter leash” per another Politico piece. Thinking about the poverty plan, big maybe. Plodding through telepromptered scripts on immigration and making the occasional ad lib pitch to his core ( negating parts of the sense of the scripted speech).

    Trump has missed the boat on this deal. The Republicans are working with Clinton, legislatively speaking, albeit through Democrat Jim Clyburn who's the plan's creator. The assumption is pretty clearly that Hillary Clinton will be the President. She's pitching the plan on the stump...
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    Well let's see just where Trump is and what he's talking about, shall we?

    Let's grab a quote form the Trump rally, shall we?

    Nigel Farage at Trump Rally: Anything Is Possible If Enough Decent People Fight the Establishment

    Let's see where Hillary's actually at...

    Oh, look at that... she's having a fund raiser with someone well known for off shoring billions in profits and hiring cheap non-American labor. Hmmmm....

    Well at least Hillary went down and helped those "little people" with the floods ---- oh, wait, she didn't do that... She was resting for the more important fund raising with the only people that actually matter to her. Hmmmm....

    Well at least Hillary's not in the pocket of Wall Street --- Oh Wait... She got millions and millions and millions from Wall Street.

    But hey, she SAID she'll go after them and she has a very strong relationship with the truth, so there's that...

    Gotta pay to play...

    I wonder how much these people paid:
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    Speaking of Nigel Farage, this made me LOL...

    Farage: I'm a British politician who scapegoats immigrants
    Trump: Says who?
    Farage: Poles. All of them.

    — Wyeth Ruthven (@wyethwire) August 25, 2016
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    UPDATE: Ok, let's be fair here...

    Let's look at how Hillary did in Haiti, shall we?

    Oh wait, that didn't work out so great did it.

    Ok, let's try again, shall we?

    Let's look at how she helped Americans:

    She told Wall Street to "cut it out"... how'd that work out? Millions lost their homes... Hmmm... that doesn't sound like she was very effective to me.

    Ok, let's give this yet another try just to give here the benefit of the doubt, let's see if she actually keeps her word because trust is so important to Hillary:

    Ok, that didn't go so well, one last time, let's ask her if she's honest:

    Dammm... Well, I really tried to help you out here, but it just didn't work out so well...
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    So because the Tech sector has no interest in funding Trump's campaign you're criticizing Hillary? That makes no sense. Hillary had a fundraiser with a business leader known for those things. You know what? Trump is the CEO of a brand that DOES those things.

    Hillary is aligned with Wall Street? Trump's in bed with (and not in a good way) Goldman Sachs. Trump going after his debtors is bad for business, wouldn't you say? Think that's likely to happen?

    Trump's just gotta pay. The small businesses he's cheated. The loans he has. His investors. His duped students. Trump should pay...
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    I wonder how beloved Trump is in Dubai

    This week, VICE investigates the living conditions for workers building the Trump International Golf Club in Dubai and China's massive business investments in Africa.

    The United Arab Emirates, and Dubai in particular, are often described as paradise in the Middle East. But the 5 million migrants working there, who make up more than half of the population, live in appalling conditions and often end up with no savings after years of work. VICE's Ben Anderson heads to Dubai to investigate the living conditions for the many migrant workers employed on a project bearing the name of a man who might be our next president.
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    What a bunch of crap. So the Tump Campaign is selling the idea that if anyone who is establishment is not decent? Simple idea for simpleton minds. The idea is bankrupt, devisive, and doomed to failure.
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    trump is good about making poor people and importing labor.

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