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Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by Thomas Veil, Nov 27, 2005.

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    Appropos of absolutely nothing (other than the fact that we seem to be discussing Fundamentalism a lot here lately), I found this interesting page on the net which provides a wealth of rebuttals to those dittoheads who insist that the United States was founded upon Christianity.

    An excerpt:

    And obligingly, the aforementioned rebuttals come in the form of a variety of quotes from the Founding Fathers themselves, only some of which I reproduce here:

    Sure doesn't sound like anything you've been hearing from Pat Robertson, Bill Frist and the like, does it? They like to make it sound like Jefferson, Adams and the others were a bunch of holy rollers.

    I don't know about you, but I think I'll commit a few of those quotes to memory so I can trot them out the next time some pious imbecile tries to use Jesus to ram through some constipated political agenda they happen to be pushing.

    Heck, those quotes would even make some good posters... :D
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    That's good information, thanks for posting. It's freedom of religion, not one religion.
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    What's more, if you put Jefferson's words into context, they have even deeper significance.

    In his day, the people of the colonies consisted largely of folks who escaped religious persecution in Europe*. An Inquisition was still going on there. So he knew the dangers of misguided religious zeal, because many of his countrymen had fled those very dangers.

    When he talks about an engine that enslaves mankind and filches wealth, well, he's talking about guys like Pat Robertson, Ralph Reed, and the maniacal monsters who make up the movements in Colorado Springs. But he's talking about guys like George W. Bush as well, who ride in on the back of this knee-jerk movement that claims to be precisely what it is not.

    It's sad that in these days, Jefferson is relegated to being seen and not heard. But that's the way they want it.

    * This is the part where if I were a modern-day fundamentalist I would decry Old Europe and claim that since what we have today is a uniquely American religious expression (read: persecution), TJ's words could not possibly apply to us.
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    Unlike the last one, this President can't say "Jefferson's my middle name..."
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    Thanks for the post. I always have to remind people of these facts as well.
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    And let's also not forget the fact that Jefferson literally cut up copies of the bible in order to make his own Jefferson Bible.

    Jefferson wanted to present a human Jesus -- a model for morality, not redemption or salvation.

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