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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by tripleh3lix, Nov 8, 2017.

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    Jun 17, 2014
    Heck... it’s a big upgrade for me even coming from an 8 Plus. It feels smoother. UI is so optimized — usually the plus phones are a tad slower than their smaller counterparts.. but this one isn’t. Only few negatives I have with the phone, probably like everyone else here:

    The battery — not nearly as good as my 8 Plus was.

    The screen “estate” —
    I do agree with the screen feeling so much bigger on the 8 plus. Spacious is the word. It’s like walking into a big long narrow room.. big, but narrow. VS going into a spacious rectangular room and having that extra width to breathe and stretch. It’s narrow. And I understand why it may not be someone’s cup of tea. But is it really that big of a deal?

    The lack of portrait navigation through emails and texts. I really liked texting in portrait and having the contacts and lists on the sides. It feels like a bit of a UI limitation and I hope it comes back in a future upgrade.

    The positives over the plus —

    Again. The screen. The smile on my face when booting the phone up. It looked unreal seeing an iPhone edge to edge. I really loved the Note 8 — but this was a different take on “bezel-less” and Apple wasn’t lying.

    The UI fluidity. There’s a sense of floaty and responsiveness to this phone that this plus doesn’t have. To the animations, to the way gestures work. I’m sure the plus could’ve pulled it off — but oh, it just feels soo good!

    The Portrait front facing camera - Yes! Double yes. There were so many times I wanted to take a good shot.. and it was low light. And I couldn’t — “More light required. Flash may help.” This is no longer an issue in most cases — and if you let the camera focus, adjust your posture and angles just for a few seconds instead of snapping a photo instantly, you’ll get a much better depth effect.

    The Multi-Tasking Home bar — it’s a gem I didn’t know I would want. But I don’t know if I can live without it. Swiping left and right when talking to family and reading the news has never been easier. I actually can be bothered to reply to that text sooner — it’s a much quicker swipe away.

    OIS on both lenses and the slightly better aperture — when taking a video for the first time and seeing the 4k camera as well as the 1080p 60fps mode zoomed in with a 2x lens and not seeing the wobble that dooms the 8 Plus — I felt complete.

    The rounded edges to the UI make the phones OS and UI so aesthetically pleasing to go along with the look and feel of the X.
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    Philadelphia, PA
    Happy you like it. Definitely a huge upgrade from my 7 Plus. I agree with everything you said, but the UI smoothness/fluidity with the gestures is the most enjoyable part for me.
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    Oct 8, 2011
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    After using the X for three days and then ditching it for the 8+, I think the 8+ is the more fluid, faster phone. benchmarks confirm a slight advantage to the + as well. Not to say the X isn't fast, cause it is.
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    Jun 17, 2014
    My benchmark is actually higher than my 8 Plus was. Go figure!

    But I have no doubt it would beat it in a real world test. The plus is only 1080p. It’s bound to be a hair faster cause of resolution.

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    This is one of the things that surprised me the most. I thought the 7 Plus was fast. I never wanted for more speed. But the X is next-level. It is so fluid it's kind of unreal. Like a phone from the future. Even after almost a week with the phone, the fluidity still makes my jaw drop a little.
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    Mar 5, 2015
    Non-gentrified Brooklyn.
    You got me so excited upgrading from a 6S+!! Can't wait.
  8. KingslayerG5 Suspended


    Oct 16, 2017

    Yeah, I know it is still new and we haven't updated it enough to slow it down. I only used the X briefly last Friday and today. The UI experience is incredible. Perhaps faster and more polished than Pixel 1 & 2 even with 0.5x animations. It just feels so polished like the typical Apple we loved from years ago.


    I have my qualms with it. Actually more with iOS in that Michael Fisher TRIGGERED thread. Tethering is its Achilles' heel just like Pixels with no microSD slot and can't be recognized on Mac using Android File Transfer is their's. They all have flaws. Samsung and LG will have bloat if paid through installments. Feels like broken goods when carriers add their junk.

    But yeah, I like The X. I just can't buy it because I know it will end up being sim-less thanks to iOS' more complicated tethering. I already have an iPhone SE to do iPod touch stuff. I don't want to spend another grand for the X to be used as an iPod touch. A $200 SE is fine but not $1000. We all got different needs.

    X is still very cool. I can understand the love for it. Best iPhone ever made.. internally.. so far.
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    The marginal benchmark differences, would in no way shape or form translate to perceivable difference in the user experience, whatsoever.

    That would be left up to how much love Apple puts in firmware specific to each device, or doesnt, or parity.

    These are both extremely competent devices with 99.9% internal overlap

    (Barring battery differences, compactness, OIS in second camera, OLED screen, specifically referring to the SoC)
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    49% thirty minutes in, so 30 minute 0-50% test is true

    We’ll see what it hits when it approaches the full hour.

    I would suspect 80%,

    So maybe it is for extended charging, where it makes the difference

    Smaller top offs are the insignificant ones,
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    Aug 30, 2015
    I find my X is super smooth and fluid. Was having some lag and stutter issues with my 8+ even after updating to 11.1
  11. iluvbeer99 macrumors member

    Apr 2, 2010
    Coming from a 6+ the X is like a Ferrari. Definitely worth the upgrade for those of us who had older phones. Can't believe i put up with the 6 for so long.
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    I'm totes New Yorkian
    I have a 6 plus and cannot wait for my X to arrive for the reasons you mentioned :D
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    Jun 3, 2015
    Me coming from 6 plus, you bet it needs to be
  14. iluvbeer99 macrumors member

    Apr 2, 2010
    You'll be in heaven. Hopefully it arrives to you soon. Truly shocking how much faster/smoother it is compared to the 6+ i had.
  15. mindyapple macrumors newbie

    Jan 4, 2012
  16. jft94 macrumors regular

    Nov 5, 2016
    I agree. Just got mine today and I am completely in love. Still trying to get used to the slightly smaller keyboard (or I guess it seems smaller at least) but other than that it’s great.
  17. tripleh3lix thread starter macrumors 6502


    Jun 17, 2014
    It’s definitely smaller because of the narrowness. However it makes it slightly easier to use the full keyboard for one handed typing.
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    You should be! It’s a beautiful, fantastic phone.

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