Fatal Bacteria found in pigs and farm workers

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    This is a story, which was in the Seattle PI yesterday. I am not sure if it has been widely reported. Since there have been over 94,000 infections, resulting in nearly 19,000 deaths, it is something to be taken seriously. Since the USDA is not even testing for it, makes it doubly troubling.

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    No doubt MRSA is a nasty bug in given the correct immune conditions and growth substrate. The key word here is systemic infections. Human gut is designed to house a significant bacterial load. In fact, maximum possible capacity per mL is housed. Talk about difficult to treat with the highly favorable environment. Couple that with the fact that the must be treated often with broad spectrum antibiotics that are nearly all resisted, and furthermore, with the side effect of complete normal flora toxigenicity that the antibiotics cause (removal of normal flora decreases human resistance to pathogens), one can see why when this bug is systemic it does so much damage.

    This puts physicians in a bind also, considering most MRSA is vancomycin susceptible to a degree (and typically ONLY vanco) that administering it on a casual basis for these infections will lead to vancomycin resistant strains as well. Good news is that new Antibiotics are consistently in development...

    But what they won't tell you is the large percentage of humans who have MRSA as a part of their normal flora in the nares (nostrils). I'm one of them ;), as are a number of people in the laboratory!
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    I wouldn't worry about it, our hospitals here are supposed to be full of the stuff anyway.
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    Just cuz you're loaded with it, doesn't mean it's not a basis for worry. That said, like bamaworks said, I'd be more concerned in the immunodeficient (like folks in hospitals).

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