Faulty emoji keyboard


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May 5, 2018
Hi guys,

am I the only one who needs to choose emoji from the emoji keyboard on macOS twice for it to take effect? It was the same in macOS Mojave. I open the keyboard with cmd+control+space and click on emoji of my choice and the keyboard just disappears. I need to do it again to actually paste the emoji. What's weird is that this bug only occurs when I open emoji keyboard after a while. Then, after having it fail for the first time, it works fine.

It doesn't seem to be a widely recognized bug, googling it doesn't seem to bring any results.

Do you experience that?


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Oct 6, 2019
Central New York
Actually I have never used it. I tried the steps that you use and got the same results. The keyboard disppears the first time. After that, it seems to work OK. I don't use it as I said so I don't know how long it keeps working. 😩