FBI investigating alleged tattooed deputy gangs in Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department


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Jun 10, 2013
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The FBI is investigating a secret society of tattooed deputies in East Los Angeles as well as similar gang-like groups elsewhere within the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, it was reported Thursday.

News of the probe comes from multiple people familiar with the inquiry, the Los Angeles Times reported.
In particular, according to The Times' sources, agents have been trying to determine whether leaders of the Banditos require or encourage aspiring members to commit criminal acts, such as planting evidence or writing false incident reports, to secure membership in the group.

The agents also have inquired about other groups known to exist in the department, which has roughly 10,000 deputies and polices large swaths of the sprawling county. They have asked for information about the tattoos and practices of the Spartans and Regulators in the department' Century Station, and the Reapers, who operate out of a station in South Los Angeles, according to the sources.
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Sep 25, 2012
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As an aside…. are you also surprised that (for decades now) there are also gangsters, and members of organized crime serving in the active United States military? You realize that organized crime totally benefits from having their "members" gain military training, right?

They serve in the military for a few years. They muster out. They go back to their "homies" in the gang, and they are then considered the "elite" trained killers of their organization, they become the potential snipers and assassins who are professionally trained killers (due to their military service). This has been happening for decades, by the way.


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Jan 16, 2004
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I was thinking, "Wow, FOX reporting on possible gang activity within law enforcement!?" Then I read this portion:

The federal probe follows allegations of beatings and harassment by members of the Banditos, a group of deputies assigned to the Sheriff's East L.A. station who brand themselves with matching tattoos of a skeleton outfitted in a sombrero, bandolier and pistol. The clique's members are accused by other deputies of using gang-like tactics to recruit young Latino deputies into their fold and retaliating against those who rebuff them.

Oh, Okay! That's more like FOX.


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Aug 17, 2009
Isn’t the LAPD well known for being the biggest gang in LA?
This is not the Los Angeles Police Department, rather, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, which covers a slightly larger area. Also, the Sheriff himself is an elected official, unlike the Chief of Police, who is a mayoral appointee.