FBI Probes Pentagon Spy Case

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by zimv20, Aug 27, 2004.

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    here's cnn's take LINK

    after reading the article, a couple of things stood out to me...

    1) there are conflicting statements of how high the suspect's influence could have reached

    2) it's sketchy as all hell, naming "unnamed sources" "another source" "a government official", much like the sandy berger nonsense. another non-story that sounds like a story?

    3)"the united states is israel's most cherished friend and ally"

    4) someone had the balls to call the evidence against the suspect a "slam-dunk case"

    i'm worried about this. it's not the news that scares me; it's what people will do with it. the argument about how much influence israel has on american foreign policy (especially the neo-con variety) is very touchy, and there are some pretty pointed feelings on both sides. anti-semitism, real, implied or interpreted will be brought into this. witness the adbusters fiasco a couple of months ago...(link pending) once the cork is popped on that bottle a lot of ugly stuff can happen.

    edit: here's the link to the original adbusters article. i'm trying to find a link to the venomous three or four page forum debate that ensued.

    A note to the (leo) people who will cry about bias or whatever: i'm not linking the article as evidence of anything, i'm not supporting it's points or denouncing them. i'm only showing that an article that touches on the subject can enrage a large proportion of a politically united group (the adbusters readership is f***ing proud to be called liberal)- imagine what will happen when this issue comes up across a population as politically polarized as ours is today.

    EDIT 2: adbusters is revamping their message board system, so the old messages aren't readily available. if someone deems it worthy, we can pick up the details later. :)
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    Everybody spies on everybody else, enemies and allies. This in itself is not shocking. But this could become a political story, if it turns out this alleged spy had access to or influence over the Bush administration's Mideast policy.

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