FBI's primary mission is no longer law enforcement

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    "In many ways, the agency had no choice but to de-emphasize white-collar crime. Following the 9/11 attacks, the FBI picked up scores of new responsibilities related to terrorism and counterintelligence while maintaining a finite amount of resources. What's not in question is that government agencies tend to benefit in numerous ways when considered critical to national security as opposed to law enforcement. "If you tie yourself to national security, you get funding and you get exemptions on disclosure cases," said McClanahan. "You get all the wonderful arguments about how if you don't get your way, buildings will blow up and the country will be less safe."

    Congress increases police power over the public and the agencies get more money.
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    So, in summary, if inter-state crime is your passion, have a nice day.
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    Classifying under "National Security" not only gets you a nice chunk of the massive Black Budget, but also allows you to skirt around due process laws.

    Go figure. :rolleyes:
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    What a non story. Much ado about nothing.

    The web archive for the FBI dated 2011-01-06.


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    For those who lived through the J. Edgar Hoover era, the idea of the FBI ignoring little niceties such as the Constitution and the law is not news.

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