FCC to halt rule on ISP protection of data against privacy breach

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    Remember this thread from just over a year ago?

    Well, some big shoes now look to be dropped by the newly Republican-majority FCC:


    The Federal Communications Commission plans to halt implementation of a privacy rule that requires ISPs to protect the security of its customers' personal information.

    The data security rule is part of a broader privacy rulemaking implemented under former Chairman Tom Wheeler but opposed by the FCC's new Republican majority. The privacy order's data security obligations are scheduled to take effect on March 2, but Chairman Ajit Pai wants to prevent that from happening.

    The rule would be blocked even if a majority of commissioners supported keeping them in place, because the FCC's Wireline Competition Bureau can make the decision on its own.

    "If commissioners are willing to cast their votes by March 2, then the full commission will decide the stay request," the FCC statement said. "If not, then the bureau will stay that one element of the privacy rules pending a full commission vote on the pending petitions for reconsideration consistent with past practice."

    That "full commission vote on the pending petitions" could wipe out the entire privacy rulemaking, not just the data security section, in response to petitions filed by trade groups representing ISPs. That vote has not yet been scheduled.

    The most well-known portion of the privacy order requires ISPs to get opt-in consent from consumers before sharing Web browsing data and other private information with advertisers and other third parties. The opt-in rule is supposed to take effect December 4, 2017, unless the FCC or Congress eliminates it before then.

    If you voted for Trump, you voted for this, unless you can help persuade the FCC commissioners "real soon now" --before March 2nd-- that rolling back the privacy rulemaking was not exactly what you meant.

    But hey if you work for hackers or third party marketers (or whoever hires them to mine your personal data) maybe you like the idea of rolling back privacy rules scheduled to go into effect this year.
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    I'm pretty sure that would violate any agreement about data sharing with the EU. So now in addition to looming trade wars we'll have looming internet wars. Lovely.

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