Feature: Apple Store, Tysons Grand Opening

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    Apr 12, 2001

    Apple's high-design store layout felt much more like a
    modern-art gallery than a computer retail outlet. The
    store was teeming with Apple sales people (and
    "geniuses" back around the Genius Bar) sporting black
    "Shop Different" t-shirts. All current Macs (save the
    dual-processor G4's which are a special order item)
    were represented either along stylish wall-displays or
    spread about
    various island display arrangements. The various
    AirPort wireless hubs, connecting all the Macs in the
    store to the 'net, were prominently display as well.
    There were Macs
    equipped with video cameras running iMovie,
    connected to ink-jet printers for print demonstrations,
    and sporting headphones for iTunes demos--all were
    running OS X.

    There were more than just Macs on display for sale,
    rounding out the feel and value of the store. There was
    a moderate selection of boxed software on display, as
    well as various Handspring and Palm handhelds, and
    a nice selection of printers, scanners, displays, and
    The store is also selling a range of digital video
    cameras as well as various pocket MP3 players. And
    towards the back of the store, next to the Genius Bar, is
    the presentation area where Apple reps were working
    through a day-long schedule of product/technology
    demonstrations. Pretty good stuff. (Read

    It was a pretty impressive event, all around. A great
    many passers-by stopped and asked those in line what
    the stir was. I was asked by ten people, I'd say. "Are
    they giving something away?" they'd ask. "Is there
    someone famous in there?" When they heard that
    there were no door prizes (well...you did get a t-shirt
    upon exiting), no celebrities, it was
    interesting to note their varied responses.

    Some were simply surprised by the turnout. Others
    were somewhat dumbfounded ("the store's gonna be
    there tomorrow, and every other day, right?"). Others,
    were more shaken to the core, it seemed ("you have
    GOT to be KIDIDNG me--Christ!"). I think most "Mac
    people" present were in the line, so those asking about
    the event were a good representation of the 95% Apple
    is after. And I think the stores are going to be a big win
    for Apple, because regardless of how mystified the
    onlookers were upon seeing the massive line, after
    shaking their heads for a few moments, every single
    one of them walked slowly by the store and gave this
    genuine curiosity a long, hard
    There is no doubt that every single one of those people
    will pay a visit to that store at some point, to see what
    all the fuss was about.
    I'm sure everyone in the line was pleased and
    encouraged to see that sort of reaction. So even if each
    individual store is not profitable (which, looking at retail
    margins, I think is not unexpected), it's still a huge
    advertising win for Apple--which is precisely the point.

    We'd be interested in hearing others' reactions, in the
    discussion forum, to the
    opening of this store and the one in Glendale. It will be
    interesting to track the
    turnouts as each new Apple Store opens, one every ten
    days for the rest of the year. In the meantime, if you're
    lucky enough to live in close proximity to one of these
    new stores, be sure to swing in and take a look. You
    never know what you'll walk away with (in my case, it
    was a new Epson printer)!

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