February 4, 1997: Apple Buys NeXT

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    Jul 5, 2003
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    The answer's fairly simple and pragmatic:
    NeXT had fundamentally better technology than Apple or most of the rest of the industry at the time.

    They also had something else important: great development environment. The success of the app store is vindication of the NeXTStep (cocoa) development environment if given the right conditions. I'd also argue that Mac OS X has a higher base level of software quality than OS 9 or Windows, but that is quite subjective.

    Aside from that there were other bonuses in buying NeXT:
    # The development environment could produce software which ran on a number of platforms.
    # The WebObjects framework (AppleStore, iTunes)
    # Scott Forestall, Avie Tevanian, Bertrand Serlet, Steve Jobs — bright people.
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    What elppa said. :)

    IMHO, this is THE moment of Apple's recent history.
    Steve back, NeXTSTEP >> OPENSTEP >> Rhapsody >> Mac OS X... and, yes.. all on Intel ;)
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    Jul 14, 2004
    Looking back on it all, it really is interesting to see how well the core NeXTSTEP platform has held up in its various iterations over the years. Funny how OS X is arguably considered the 'most advanced' OS, yet it's based on technical and development paradigms set up in the 90s. A good bit of foresight there.

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