FEELER/FS: 12" iBook - 1.33GHz PPC G4 | 40GB HDD | 512MB-RAM

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    Hi All!

    Up as a feeler (and eventually FS) is a 1.33GHz 12" iBook G4. I bought this originally in April 2006 as a side computer to my 17" PowerBook; unfortunately, the iBook hasn't seen much use since I bought a SR Black MacBook.

    -1.33GHz PowerPC G4 processor
    -512K SRAM L2 cache
    -133MHz system bus
    -512MB-RAM built-in (1 SO-DIMM slot supports up to 1.5GB)
    -40GB 4200-rpm HDD
    -Slot-loading Combo-Drive (DVD-ROM/CD-RW)
    -Original box and documentation (with restore discs for OS X 10.4 'Tiger')

    Further details can be found at Apple's support webpage: Full 1.33GHz 12" iBook G4 specifications.

    Known issues:
    -iBook is in practically new condition
    -Top plastic casing has normal wear and tear scratches (nothing noticeable)
    -No AppleCare

    Sad to see this machine go, but it's been a great side computing machine and time has come to part ways. For those not sure about Leopard, I indeed was able to run Mac OS X 10.5 smoothly albeit a bit slow.

    If you have any further questions, comments and/or concerns, please PM me or reply in this thread - I am looking forward to ALL offers and suggestions!

    Thanks in advance!

    I have completed many transactions in the Marketplace, mainly from my FS thread: The 'I graduated last year and I have tons of stuff to sell' list [UPDATED]

    [I will be posting pics within the next day/night]

    Note: I'm not exactly sure about the battery health - will check tonight with CoconutBattery.

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