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    Attention Linux geeks and embedded developers!

    I have a beta version (clear casing) of the limited-run Neuros OSDs which I'm considering parting with. I bought one of these legendary 200 units (sold out in 10 hours!) with the intent of developing and running a network media device on it. Unfortunately, I'm buried in briefs and research and assorted other time-consuming activities for the foreseeable future and don't have any free time to develop anything for the platform.

    The build environment can run on OS X, and there's an active and vibrant developer community getting off the ground. It works perfectly and I'm including all original cables and accessories. It's in literally brand new condition, having been used exactly 3 times. The current versions sell for $229, but this is a rare 'geek' version.

    The website is here, and it comes with remote, IR blaster, AV cables, serial cable, null modem adapter, and a plastic stand. I'll even throw in a 32MB CF card if you'd like (for custom firmware installs).

    It supports USB storage (thumb drives, hard drives in FAT32), along with a variety of memory card formats (SD, MMC, Compact Flash). The USB port is iPod-compatible, and there's also an ethernet port.

    This is mostly for people who want to develop in Linux at this point, although it works very well as a video converter for portable devices, and it's a competent digital VCR (not a DVR, though, as it lacks a program guide [under development]) if you have a cable/satellite box.

    I'm asking for $175 shipped ($55 plus tax/shipping less than a new one) and trying to gauge interest. I'm fairly flexible on price, but this is definitely a collector's item in the making.

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