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    Sep 8, 2004
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    I have my Pentax K100D Digital SLR I may sale if I feel it's a fair price I get offered.

    Comes with EVERYTHING it came with, Kit Zoom lens (18-55mm Autofocus[faster than the older versions])
    Original Documents and boxes. Bought Brand new. Still has I think 4 or 5 months warranty remaining.

    No cosmetic damage at all other than a spot on the plastic that covers the LCD (located mostly outside of the actual view of the lcd) from sitting it in the console in the truck. Other than that, basically brand new. Everything is pretty dang clean. All functions work as brand new, also running the newest firmware software. Another note: AWESOME battery life! Takes 4 AA's.. I use 2500Mah recharables that last me weeks at a time and I am a crazy every day photographer. Nice that it takes AA's also because if I'm running low without spared, I can go to any convenient store and hurry and buy a pack of AA's for a quick preparation for an event.

    I love this pentax camera and all the previous pentax camera's i have had. I am joining the arts institute and they have a LOT of nikon accessories and lenses along with cameras I would love to be part of for a little while, I'm sure that when I am done with training in that area I'll be moving back to a new pentax camera.

    If very interested, I'll send pictures, I try to get the best pictures I can, but I don't have a camera other than my Camera phone lol.. But I suppose the mirror could also help to show you that.. this camera DOES do it's job ;)

    I've taken some absolutely extraordinary photos with this, won a few contest in up state salt lake city... etc.

    Post your offers! I take paypal, I'll ship fast. I'll assure your satisfaction :)

    thanks guys..


    stevey500 (at) Gmail

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