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Female Lightning to Male USB-C adapter - with Data transfer


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Dec 24, 2017
So ive seen a few of these "Female Lightning to Male USB-C adapters", but i think most of them are only for power. Is there any of these adapters which can transfer data/picture/videos?

What im trying to do is that i have a FLIR One Pro thermal camera attachment for the iphone which has a Male Lightning connector, i want to try to use it on a Android phone with USB-C. But the adapter would obviously need to be able to transfer the camera picture from the FLIR camera attachment to the Android phone and interact with the Android FLIR app.

An alternative would be a "Female Lightning to Male Micro-USB adapter" with the same ability to transfer video/picture.

Does anybody know if there are some of these kind of adapters out there that are confirmed working not only for power?
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