Fennex – Augmented Hearing App

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    Fennex – Augmented Hearing App
    Fennex™ is a hearing aid app that provides augmented hearing by turning your Apple headphones (EarPods or AirPods) into a personal hearing amplifier. Firstly, take a quick hearing test that indicates your hearing abilities. Secondly, use the hearing test results to personalize your hearing experience. Thirdly, select a listening scene (meeting, car, dining) or choose to amplify and adjust the sound in a custom mode. Fennex is compatible with wireless headphones like Apple AirPods.

    Key Features:
    * Volume Boost: Amplify the sound around you
    * Balance: Regulate the volume of the left and right speaker
    * Compression: Apply sound compression to amplify or limit sounds
    * Sound Presence: Keep or remove high/low-pitched sounds
    * Equalizer: Adapt treble, mid and bass sounds to your hearing preferences
    * Conversation Focus: Select among 4 different microphones (iPhone bottom or front, earphones built-in, external – e.g. AirPods)
    Link to Download: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fennex-augmented-hearing-app/id1210366382?l=it&ls=1&mt=8
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    Also I installed the FENNEX app as I have some hearing problem I was curious to check how it worked.
    Really amazing, it starts with a little hearing test. And immediately afterwards the software is tailored to our needs. it is not fantastic?
    Then you have the choice of pre-set scenes for common everyday situations. In addition to this, for the more experienced, you can use an advanced equalizer that makes it possible to customize even more settings. Not to mention the possibility of choosing which of the various microphones you want to use.
    The sound is great with earbuds, fantastic as you isolate the sounds from the noises. With airpods the sound is even better but unfortunately there is a bit of delay, at first I thought I was making some mistake, but actually it is a technical problem (we hope this is soon fixed by the developers). However if you look for something that looks like an acoustic or at least a sound amplifier this app and try

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    new york
    i have some minor hearing problem and before I tried petralex a similar app, but i not really enjoyed that.
    reading this post i was curious to try also Fennex augmented Hearing app, and wow! this is how an hearing app should to be! first i have been asked if i like to test my hearing , after that the system was configured to best fit with me.
    i really have to say that the results are fantastic, evidently the set up on my hearigns is really good, after the hearing test i can hear everything clear end detailed, probably also thanks the preset scenes, that helps us to better define the
    situation we are in. Using Airpods the sound is fantastic, just a bit of delay, but the quality of sound is almost perfect, and the freedom to move wirelessly is priceless. earbuds is also good quality and there is no delay but personally i prefer Aipods. the sounds can be captured with every of the microphones of the iphone or the ones of hearphones, you just have to choose wich you want to use.
    i really recommend this app to everybody, it is a powerfull soundbooster and the sound details are very enhanced if you use this hearing app.
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    well, trying this fennex app. seems quiote nice, it is better than how could i expext, just a small adjustemente and the app chould be fantastic.
    in effect after the hearing test you have almost all you need to hear the sounds at best. i tried just using the presets and the quality sound is astonishing, so i expect tjat if get more expertmy full experience would be also better. fennex augmented hearing app it is a powerfull soundbooster for my experience. i hope this still be free of charge also in future.
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