Few questions I need answering before I decide to buy this weekend.

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    Basically I download a few TV shows via torrent files and I understand most of these wont work natively using the built in video app. They do seem to be supported by VLC for iPad though which is good news.

    I plan on jailbreaking my iPad so I can use something like iFile.

    I plan on using apps like Goodreader to download .torrent files and use the remote client for uTorrent to download the file on my Mac. When this file is downloaded I then plan on transferring it to the iPad (probably using GR again with wifi?)

    To get the file playable I would then need it inside the VLC app though, is it possible using a file manager like iFile or even Goodreader? to move a file into an applications folder then have it appear in the app without having to do a sync?

    If this is possible its a done deal I'll pick one up at the weekend. I just dont want to have to use the usb cable and itunes to drop files into vlc every time I want to watch something, if it can be done over a wifi transfer app then moved into the folder that would be fantastic!

    Thanks guys.
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    Just throwing this out there... You may or may not like my solution.


    Vuze has a built in converter to take whatever video format your files are downloaded in and makes them playable in iTunes and can scale them for something hi res like the iPad or low like the iPod Classic. Once it's done converting them, the files are automatically pushed into iTunes.

    I love the client and having all the movies or tv shows in iTunes make it great for me since I have multiple devices that sync with iTunes - my iPhone 4, the wife's 3Gs, an iPad and an original :apple:tv

    I don't have a reason to avoid using the USB cable but in Cydia there is an app ($9.99) that will let you do a wireless sync with iTunes. http://www.getwifisync.com/ Add something like LogMeIn and you can do it all from the iPad.

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