fighting gerrymandering with math.

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    Living in a CD that encompasses all of six counties and selected parts of five more... I could sure get behind it. The "selected parts" took a bunch of judges to nail home last time around.

    The way the GOP legislators from upstate had originally wanted to map it, it had odd shapes sticking out into three or four more counties until it looked like a craggy-limbed tree or the dendrite piece of a neuron. They wanted to suck up a few more farming districts from adjoining counties to offset urban vote growth and make the district lean more solidly back to red. They went a little too far and produced maps that were clearly designed to tot up more red than blue votes at the polls.

    I guess the judges saw the too-weird shape and said "uh, yeah, no" and sawed off a few of those extra protrusions, with the result that the district retained the purple hue it's slowly been gaining in the past 2 decades as the few small cities in it have grown a little. It still goes red most of the time but it's become known for flipping and still warrants that tag.

    The project sounds great, I hope lots of mathematicians will sign up and pitch in their skills.

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