iPhone XS Max Figured out why AT&T calls it “NEXT” program


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Sep 24, 2013
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Have come to conclusion why AT&T calls their monthly phone purchase plan “NEXT”.

Appears name chosen for Next excuse given for not removing erroneous charge for claimed un-returned phone.

Have gone with Next phone exchange monthly charge program eight times. With six returned phones. As luck would have it AT&T or the company they have checking in phones lost my sixth return.

1st contact:
After receiving text telling me my phone has not been returned I will be charged balance. Upon calling AT&T am told case would be opened to look for phone I mailed back to them.

2nd contact:
Text states to contact AT&T, whom I call and the case number I was given does not exist. File second case but am told the USPS verification of delivery I have needs to be documented by AT&T employee. Take documents to corporate store, verification made. Should be resolved in 10 days I am told.

3rd contact:
Bill arrives with charge for phone. Call AT&T told previous case number not correct type. New case number issued. Supervisor assured me credit has been made. Pay balance of bill except for erroneous charge.

4th contact:
Credit fails to appear, account shows overdue. Call AT&T, told case denied because phone was from Apple and should have been returned to Apple. Explain this was Next phone shipped to me and per their instructions and return packing slip to be returned to AT&T. Supervisor gets involved has to make new claim number and assured me will be credited in two days, that I will receive e-mail confirming and there will be no late charges on next bill.

Question.......what will be the NEXT reason credit will not go through?