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Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Feb 27, 2008.

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    not quite, at least not from my experience.

    it's not a full-blown database. it is a database for storing information, but for those who are new to databases, i guess.

    anyways, i've tried the demo. it's pretty good, but i'm not sure if it's worth $50 though
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    exporting Bento files

    I keep a lists of students with multiple fields (name, address, phone, date a certain form was submitted, grades, etc), and I often need to share these with both Mac and non-Mac users. I use Excel for this.

    Anyone know if I can do this with Bento? I.e., attach a Bento file to an email and have someone else open it in Excel? How easy is it to share with different apps or platforms?
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    have you tried the demo? i think you can export to excel, though i'm not totally sure
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    I just got this. It looks great, but my main objective in purchasing it was to use it to load my iPhone with detailed contacts info.

    Since it syncs with iCal and Address Book, I'm using Bento to load it up to the hilt and then allowing it to sync the other two, then hooking the iPhone up and syncing.

    The combination makes for a library of contact info on the go. :)
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    Bento & Excel

    To move data from Bento to Excel you would need to export the Bento data as an .csv, Comma Separated Value, file which could be imported into excel.

    I have moved data the other way from Excel to Bento by exporting a .csv file from Excel and importing it into Bento. The date fields imported in text format which I had to change in Bento.

    The present version of Bento, 1.ov2 (392), imports and exports only .csv files.

    I haven't done this yet, but Bento can work with media such as audio, video, and photos.

    There is an excellent Bento Forum at

    I've had Bento less than a week, and It's very easy to learn and use.

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    Exporting Bento files

    Thanks. This is helpful.
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    Exporting data

    You can export the thing as a PDF and you can export just the Template which can be used by others. You can send it to other Bento users.
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    Is there any way to sync more then just cal and address info with the iPhone. In particular ToDos ?

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