Files disappear from the desktop


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Mar 12, 2019
This just happened to me...
Turned on iCloud Drive accidentally (at Preferences> Internet Accounts) and turned off immediately after noticing it.

After turning it off, all my desktop files disappeared! Found all of them in this folder called iCloud Arquives, in my hard drive.

Just dragged all of them back to the desktop and acted like nothing happened =)
Everything except for one empty folder disappeared from my desktop. Now even the screenshots that used to go to the desktop don't as if I hadn't taken any. I couldn't find them. I tried relaunching Finder, resorting the desktop, turning on and off iCloud, and digging around to find the tens of files and folders that used to be on my desktop to no avail. I recently emptied my trash bin and really hope my desktop files are still living somewhere. Any ideas?